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Restaurant Review: Wok to Walk – NYC 


Choose your base

  1. Egg noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  2. Whole-wheat noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  3. Rice noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  4. Udon noodlesWith fresh vegetables & egg
  5. White riceWith fresh vegetables & egg
  6. Whole grain riceWith fresh vegetables & egg
  7. Vegetable dishBroccoli, mushroom, carrot, chinese cabbage, soy bean-sprouts, onion, chive and cabbage (no egg)


    Choose your favorites

    1. Chicken 
    2. Steak 
    3. Pork 
    4. Shrimp 
    5. Tofu 
    6. Shiitake mushrooms 
    7. Button mushrooms 
    8. Bok choy 
    9. Broccoli 
    10. Pepper mix 
    11. Pineapple 
    12. Baby corn 
    13. Bamboo shoots 
    14. Cashews 
    15. Favorite of the month


    Choose your sauce

    1. ShanghaiBlack bean and soybean
    2. Hong KongSweet and sour sauce
    3. BangkokYellow curry and coconut
    4. TokyoTeriyaki, sweet soy sauce
    5. BeijingOyster sauce
    6. Hot AsiaHot sauce
    7. SaigonGarlic and black pepper
    8. BaliPeanut sauce


      1. Peanuts
      2. Fried garlic
      3. Fried onions
      4. Sesame seeds mix
      5. Fresh cilantro

      This place rocks! Check it out! I get the vegetable with steak or shrimp, cilantro and Bali (peanut butter) sauce. 

      It’s my favorite place to go! 


       I could have sworn I did a review of this company before! My personal pictures have been deleted. I will get more, but you will have to wait 10 weeks. I just started my cut. Time to get jacked! 

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