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Gym Gear: Monkii Bars ultra-portable workout device



monkii bars are not a toy and are not suitable for children of any age. Improper use can result is serious injury and/or death.


Sharp corners and rough edges can damage the Line.  Never use a Support Structure that includes sharp corners and/or rough edges or allow the Line to come into contact with these features.


Friction and/or heat can cause the Line to become damaged and break.  Never allow the Line near open flame.  Never allow the Line to slide back-and-forth across a surface that generates friction.


monkii bars are designed to be used as a system (2 independent Bars) at all times.  Never support your entire bodyweight using only a single monkii bar.


Never become inverted (upside-down) while using monkii bars.  Always remain in a position while using monkii bars that would allow you to catch a fall with your hands and legs.

Additional Warnings:

Support Structure must be sturdy and support bodyweight.

Never suspend self higher than 3 feet above ground.

Always check Line and Adjuster for damage prior to every use.


The safety and integrity designed into monkii bars can only be maintained when monkii bars are regularly examined for damage and
repaired. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that regular maintenance is performed. Worn or damaged
components shall be replaced by the user immediately or the user must stop using monkii bars until the repair is made.

Safety Check Steps:

1. Examine the full length of each line searching for any fraying or tears.

2. Examine the adjuster for any damage. Ensure that the pin (“tooth”) has not become loose.  Ensure the knot and the permanent loop of Line connected to the adjuster is secure.

3. Examine the support structure that you have been using or are about to use and ensure that it is sturdy enough to support your bodyweight while performing exercises.

4. If you are using a monkii branch door attachment, examine the nylon webbing and stitches, to ensure there is no fraying or tearing.


If you have questions, concerns, or are unsure if your monkii bars are safe to use, please email


Not all exercise is suitable for everyone.  Before you begin this program you should have permission from your doctor to participate in vigorous exercise.  The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling.  If done improperly any exercise has some risk of injury.  If you feel discomfort or pain, do not continue.  The creators, participants and distributors disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the exercise or advice herein and make no warranty express or implied regarding your individual results.

How to setup.

Step 1

Remove Plugs and Line from inside of the monkii bars. Toss out the Line to extend it and ensure there are no tangles.

Step 2

Attach Plug to the Line by inserting Line into the slits in the Plug. Use Plug as a weight to toss the Line of the Support Structure.

Step 3

Remove Plug from Line. Thread Line through monkii bars and bring the Loose End of Line to the Adjuster.

Step 4

Insert Line into the Adjuster, and make 2 wraps. Start near the Eye of the Adjuster and wrap down and away from the Eye, with each wrap beneath the previous one. Adjust to desired length. Pull both ends of Line tight.

Using the monkii branch. (optional accessory)

Holding the Adjuster in one hand and a section of Line in the other, use full wingspans to loop Line back to Adjuster approximately 3 times until you have a several loops of Line organized at the Adjuster. Keep Line tight and neat as you do this.

In honor of your service we are offering $50 off of Tactical Black monkii bars.


That’s awesome!!

Step 2

Fold all loops of Line in half, keeping the Line tight.  Repeat this step one more time.

Step 3

Insert Plug into one end of monkii bars. Insert folded end of Line into monkii bars—it should slide in easily.

Step 4

Push Line all the way into the monkii bar with the Adjuster going in last. Insert remaining Plug. Repeat these steps for second monkii bar. Boom!


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