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Supplement Review: Isagenix 30 day cleanse

I have seen and tried many fad diets, including: Cybergenics, weight-watchers, Jennie Craig, it works, ideal protein and a few others. None of them work! I go into this skeptical, however I looked at their products and they are all natural and use herbs, different juices and extracts to detox the body. Will it work? Stay tuned!

**Update** January 15, 2015
Day 1
4:30am took Ionic Supreme 1oz. Shot and it tasted like crap! Then drank a glass of green tea.

7:30 drank 1 protein shake 2 scoops chocolate also didn’t taste great

8:30 drank a glass of Green Tea.

So far hungry, but not too bad…

10:30 ate one fiber snack microscopic bar

12:30 drank second chocolate shake

4:00 ate second fiber snack bar

At 7pm I had a huge salad with 2 pieces of grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, avocado, red pepper, truffle and balsamic glaze.

**Update** January 18th 2015
2 days I am down 6lbs and since I started a low carb diet before this I am down 18lbs in 2 weeks.

**Update** January 19th 2015
I just had my first vanilla shake and it sucks worse than the chocolate! They both taste like shit but chocolate is just a tad better. The fiber bars taste like any other one you get from the grocery store. The worst part is the shakes don’t mix very well they always clump even with a smart shake bottle! Furthermore; I put in more than the recommended water and it’s still as thick as clay!

**Update** January 20th 2015

Doing a cleanse day:
Not too happy with the Ionix supreme shot but it is growing on me…
Had that at 4:30am

Then had first 4oz cleanse for life (cfl) drink mixed with 8oz of water at 8:30am it wasn’t good but wasn’t bad. I had worse to drink!

9:30am Just had my first 2 Isagenix snack wafers and they taste exactly like a freeze dried version of the isalean shake. But it tastes better than the shake which isn’t saying much.

Can’t wait to try the isa delight at 11:00am!

The rest of the schedule is below:

12:00pm – 2nd 4oz cfl

1:00pm – 1 isadelight

2:30pm – 2 isasnack wafers

4:00pm – 3rd 4 oz cfl

5:00pm – 1 isadelight

6:30pm – 2 isasnack wafers

7:30pm – last (4th) 4oz cfl

8:30pm – isadelight

9:30pm – 2 isasnack wafers


Additional additives: I had 4 cups of green tea today and one tube of Isagenix electrolytes.

Ugh! Stay tuned for news!

The ISAdelight is surprisingly good and you can’t wait to eat it! It’s actually the first thing I like in this program! I want to try the ISAlean bar on Thursday! Just to see how it tastes!

Ok first cleanse day down and I decided to do 30 min of cardio at 2pm because I felt fine. Big mistake! I emptied my energy tank and felt like crap for the next couple hours. At 5pm I finally felt better! I am not hungry and I am feeling pretty good! I can’t wait for my next ISAdelight at 8:00pm and then I think that will be all. I think I am going to skip the optional 9:30pm wafers and get to bed early. I am down 20lbs in 2 weeks and 7-8lbs of that loss was in the last 5 days when I started Isagenix. I can’t wait to see what this 6th day did in the morning! Remember; I pre-started this diet with a low carb diet to get my body going firing up fat!

If you like my success and would like to try it for yourself check out my site below:

If you are serious about trying Isagenix do not just go buy away! Email me first so I can make sure you get the correct products for you to reach and bust through your goals!

**Update** January 21st 2015
2 more lbs down 22 total and feeling good this morning. It is freezing however ugh! Can’t wait for food tomorrow! Lol I was looking at food recipes on Pinterest last night. I can’t wait to eat that, and that, and that, and that lol

**Update** January 22nd 2015
2 day deep cleanse done down 3 more lbs for a total of 25lbs in 2 weeks. Mon is 3 weeks will I make 4 more lbs and reach my goal of 269? That leaves me 11lbs for the last week of the month to get to 258! And 40lbs in a month.

Today I will be hitting the gym for biceps and shoulders then 30 min elliptical and a second workout in my home gym for 10 min bike, 20 slamballs, 5 min bike, 20 slamballs, 5 min bike, 20 slamballs

As long as my post cleanse energy holds out!

Additional supplements I am taking (although I was told not to, but I never listen!) due to being poisoned by SARMS I am taking an aspirin per day to thin my blood. Then I am taking 2 cranberry pills twice a day for a cleanse and red yeast rice with CO- Q 10 to lower my cholesterol.

I am also taking additional fat burning supplements:

morning: 1 fish oil pill, 1 CLA, 1 cinnamon, 1 aspirin, 2 cranberry, 1 green coffee bean extract

Evening: 2 red yeast rice, 1 CO – Q 10, 2 cranberry, 2 isaflush

3-4 cups of oolong tea daily

Additionally: I eat a whole avocado for healthy fats at dinner and make sure my dinner is low carb.

Today I will be making an Avocado breakfast pizza for dinner! See the recipe posted on this site later tonight!

**Update** January 25th 2015
Weight loss has slowed to a crawl. I am down 26lbs. I think the fast slowed my progress instead of helping it. I am going to try to up my workouts today.

**Update** January 26th 2015
I hit a plateau I’m stuck at 273! Not good!

**Update** January 27th 2015
Stuck in a hotel due to winter blizzard.
I did two 30 min cardio sessions today to see if that will shake things up. Tomorrow I will do 30 min of cardio at the base gym and I will be going to NYSC to do 30 min of cardio plus Bi’s and shoulders. I will try to weigh in tomorrow, but it depends on where they have their scale and it will be off due to the fact I will be weighing in at 5:30pm and not the morning

**Update** February 3rd
I was plateaued stuck at 273. I cheated Super Bowl Sunday and yesterday I was super sick. Fever, chills, cold sweats and nausea. Today; I feel better but I am still resting. Yesterday was bad and all through the night!! I didn’t go to bed till after midnight and then woke up at 4 to go to work and I still felt like shit!

Anyway; back to Isagenix. When you buy 2 boxes of fiber bars you still do not have enough to complete the 3 day cleanse. So; I was in search of snacks that could assist my diet without breaking it. I was having trouble sticking to the diet, always feeling like I am starving. I am 273lbs currently and the diet is set at 1300 calories. I should be having 2000-2500 calories a day so 1300 is a really drastic reduction.

So the diet is: 2 shakes and 2 snack bars a day and a healthy dinner.

This is my solution:


A quest bar is 180-190 calories and 17g of fiber!

The complete cookies are 190-210 calories and 3g of fiber. The cookies are all natural no artificial sweeteners, no dairy, no cholesterol and have 8g of protein.

The Isagenix bars are 150 calories and micro sized! They will not keep a man my size full!

I am still using their meal replacement shakes and a scoop of my protein with 2 scoops biogro on workout days only!

A healthy dinner comprised of salad and grilled chicken.

Let’s see how it works this week!
No fat loss!

My new order came in as they don’t tell you there’s an autoship! However I saw it before it shipped and I was able to tailor it to what I wanted.

This time I got a box of soup instead of 2 shakes. I got cream of mushroom. It is basically a protein shake that has a savory cream of mushroom flavor. I admit I do like it! You can only have so many chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes without going insane!

I also got the whey crisps in sour cream and onion and bbq. They aren’t bad at all! The bag is much smaller then I anticipated and the crisps are also much thicker than I anticipated.

I also got the sleep and recovery spray, I used it last night and still awoke during the night a couple times, so not sure if that worked!

Lastly; I got the Isagenix Pro shakes this time. They come in individual packets. I will use them on gym days.


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