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Recipe: Vitargo Milkshake!

Add 2 scoops Vitargo
Add 3-4 scoops so delicious coconut ice cream (vegan) (I like the mint flavor) or 3-4 scoops Arctic Zero ice cream (I like the peanut butter flavor)

Add so delicious sugar free vanilla coconut milk (vegan) or skim milk for low carb

You can also mix and match for different tastes. Use so delicious ice cream and skim milk or arctic ice with so delicious milk

All are great options! Feel free to add spices such as cinnamon

Yesterday; I used Califia Farms holiday nog (almond milk egg nog with no eggs)

It tastes pretty good for having no eggs and is much healthier and pretty low carb!

Try it all get creative and above all… Have fun!

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