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Workout: Battle Ropes – wiggle your way to jacked!



The ropes are nice and fits perfect in my 2 car garage gym! The rope feels a little stiff and plasticky and might be brittle. I am curious to see how it’s going to hold up! The shrink wrapped handles are half the size of the pictured handles! That pissed me off! The DVD that was included was absolute shit like people said. It did show a couple of moves but most were similar for example the standard wiggle with a squat, the standard wiggle with a front lunge, the standard wiggle with a rear lunge… Really lol

I guess there’s only so much you can do with a rope, so he attempted to show different things, but I would rather hear commentary then the horrible music loops he used!

He didn’t even take the time to label the blank DVD-R!

Overall I am happy it’s perfect size and the shipping was fast! Stay tuned for the practical application!

My girlfriend likes to wiggle them while standing on an upside down Bosu ball. I like to be standing on the ground because I squat and jump with it. I may try it on my rebounder when it arrives!

**Update** October 13th 2014
I have been using the ropes on shoulder day to loosen my shoulders up after a weight session and it has been working! Less shoulder pain the next day! It also gives me extra interval training!


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