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Gym Gear: Air King Industrial Fan – what better way to cool off your home gym! *

It was 89 degrees out and I felt the fan clear across my gym (a 2 car garage) I still sweat but between sets I had 15-30 seconds of getting blasted by the fan! This thing is awesome (however; it’s quite loud!) my girlfriend asked if I am getting one next to the bed next?) lol maybe I will lol the noise will definitely put my to sleep! I was born in Da Bronx, NY and as a city baby I need noise to sleep!

As a teenager I would sleep with my Heavy Metal blasting and the light on lol

Anyway; back to the fan! I have to look at the CFMs but it’s definitely stronger than any non commercial fan! It moves a lot of air! 3,670 cfm!

The Air King 9220 20-Inch Industrial Grade High Velocity Pivoting Floor Fan is ideal for use in offices, stores, garages, warehouses and any other industrial space that needs powerful air circulation. The 20-inch, 3-blade fan is constructed of powder-coated steel for long-lasting durability. The rotary switches located on the back allow you to turn the fan on or off and change between (3) speeds. The 1/6-horsepower, fully enclosed, permanently lubricated motor provides a quiet performance and produces a lot of air flow. Additionally, this fan is ETL and OSHA approved and a 10-foot, 3-conductor type SJT power cord is provided for long reach. The fan measure 25.75-inches long by 12.5-inches wide by 25-inches high and weighs 24-pounds. The Air King 9220 20-Inch Industrial Grade High Velocity Pivoting Floor Fan comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Air King offers a full line of industrial grade and commercial grade air circulating fan solutions to meet almost any need you might have. Whether your need is in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants and warehouses or more commercial setting such as offices, schools or hospitals – Air King has the perfect solution for you. Powerful motors that last for years and years are what Air King’s Air Circulators have come to been know as and we are not stopping now.
From the Manufacturer
Ideal for cooling offices, stores, garages, warehouses and any other space that needs powerful air circulation, Air King’s 20-inch floor fan pivots back and forth to keep the whole room cool. A 3-speed, 1/6-horsepower motor powers the steely, 20-inch fan blades to push cool air at low-, medium-, and high-speeds for optimal temperature control. The single-phase motor is totally enclosed for long-lasting, quiet performance. The fan also features permanent lubrication, and a permanent split capacitor. A rear-mounted, rotary control switch is easy to access and responsive. A 9-foot, 3-conductor, SJT-type power cord is built to reach, and to last. The blade, guard, and mounts are finished with powder-coated steel for optimal durability. And, the fan complies with all UL and OSHA regulations.

Totally enclosed motor for quieter operation and longer motor life
Permanently lubricated for maintenance-free operations
Rear-mounted rotary switch for quick and easy speed changes
9-foot, 3-conductor, SJT type cord for easy reach and superior safety
Powder coated steel blade, guard, and mounts for corrosion resistance
CFMs on HIGH MED and LOW speeds: 3670 3330 2940
RPM on HIGH MED and LOW speeds: 1117 998 865
AMPS on HIGH MED and LOW speeds: 1.45 1.21 1.04
WATTS on HIGH MED and LOW speeds: 175 146 123
dBA on HIGH MED and LOW speeds: 62 55 48
Performance ratings are conducted in accordance with AMCA standard 230-99.
Blade Diameter: 20″
Shipping Weight: 24.0 lbs. Product Dimensions: 25-3/4″L x 12-1/2″W x 25″H

Companies like Holmes don’t even list the cfm’s of their fans! How is someone supposed to buy a fan intelligently?
Here’s a letter from Holmes parent company:
“Dear Louis,

Thank you for contacting Bionaire, a brand of Jarden Consumer Solutions.

The initial email received was inquiring about the CFM rating on our blizzard fan, however, we do not rate this and as such have no CFM number to provide you. There is no industry standard on how to test CFM’s so this is not a rating we use on most of our fans.”

So what your telling me is there’s no way to rate the power of your fans and I should just purchase your fans because you call it a Blizzard? Why because it’s lower than most of the other fans on the market? I had their remote control blizzard and their desk fan is surprisingly stronger than the large floor mount blizzard! But neither are anywhere close to the Air King!

This fan is awesome! I bought it for my home gym and I can feel it from one side of my 2 car garage clear to the other side while standing in front of my dumbbell rack! It is however; quite loud! It also rattles! I have to see if the cage around the fan loosened during shipping.

Other than that it is what it is: a kickass industrial fan! If you have a home gym or work in your garage for extended times or maybe have a finished basement and want cooling, this is awesome!

**Update** October 13th 2014
I just moved my fan from the home gym to the basement storage and replaced it with a heater. Saturday it was really cold in the garage! Well; cold to be working out in shorts. The heater felt good!

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