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Restaurant Review: The Pavilion Market Cafe – Union Square NYC


Check it out! Guess who’s here! Dule Hill – Gus from Psych! I love that show!

Simon Oren (Marseille, Nice Matin) resurrected Union Square’s neoclassical colonnade as a café before summer hit in 2014. With 200 indoor and outdoor seats, heat lamps and lots of umbrellas, the lovely oasis stays open all day, every day, rain or shine, until October or so. Rattan furniture, verdant plants and flowers bring Paris to mind, but since it’s in the midst of the famed and busy Union Square Greenmarket on one side and a lively playground on the other, it’s classic New York City. The American-Mediterranean menu is uncomplicated, featuring an appealing line-up of raw bar items, salads, sandwiches, short rib ravioli, hanger steak and organic salmon pot au feu. There are market-day specials, ingredients straight from the farmers’ tables and an emphasis put on local sourcing of alcohol, too, from New York Distilling Company’s Dorothy Parker gin to Finger Lakes’ grüner veltliner from Dr. Konstantin Frank.

I had hummus for lunch and got to meet and shake hands with Dule Hill of Psych (recently cancelled) on USA (so much better and funnier than the mentalist!) anyway; the food wasn’t bad, the atmosphere was awesome! A great way to spend your lunch or evening on a warm or cool day! One thing I had a problem with was; I asked for raw vegetables to dip instead of the bread, and I didn’t mind paying extra. The waitress first said: no we can’t do that; then I asked another waiter and she came back and said: I asked the kitchen and they said they can only give you cucumber and it’s $3 extra. Really! WTF! Cucumber is the only vegetable in your entire kitchen? I find that hard to believe! You can’t chop up a couple peppers? A piece of celery and a carrot or something? It’s that hard to please your guests?

Anyway; if you want to go there for the atmosphere or a couple drinks, check it out! If you want to go for food: don’t expect to get it your way! Which is ridiculous considering the amount of competition just in Union Square alone! Not even the outlying areas of the square or the rest of the city!

Check it out! At least once! By the way that’s the first time in years I have been told no by any restaurant! Usually they say no substitutions and I say; look I didn’t say give it to me, make up a fair price and give me what I want and they say sure! This place well we only have cucumbers! (Which I hate lol)


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