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Product Review: Stuffitts – portable drying solutions – no more sweaty smelly gear! *




What are Stuffitts Inserts?

Stuffitts® antimicrobial drying inserts combat moisture and kill odor in shoes, boots, skates, helmets, gloves and gear bags. Reuseable. 100% natural fill. Made with USA components.

Stay tuned!

Ok so what are Stuffits and what do they do? They absorb the sweat and odor from your shoes and sneakers! I do not like wearing my shoes around NYC so I put them in my pack and wear my sneakers and then switch at work so my sneakers sit in my bag all day long and my shoes sit in the bag all night long well I switch out the Stuffits as pictured below:








Not only do my shoes and sneakers stay fresh, but the Stuffits help keep the shape of my shoes when they are jammed in my bag, prolonging the life of my shoes!

My feet do not smell or sweat too badly, however; when my shoes are a year old the smell builds up! I have had ex-girlfriends in the past complain about the odor of my gym shoes! One went so far as to throw out my shoes and buy me a new pair!

It is so nice to have my girlfriend not complain about my shoes or gym bag smelling! That’s one less headache! Now if they only made a Stuffit for protein farts bahahaha! Nevermind; I wouldn’t like a cedar stuffed sock in my underwear lmao!

Ok seriously; I have the gym bag; in a gym bag! My Stuffits gym bag is inside the main compartment of my gym bag and it holds my Protec Athletics knee sleeves, under armor shirt and my Al1ve Magnetics wrist, elbow and calf sleeves. Did it dry them out and remove the odor; keeping my gym bag smelling fresh and not like a sweaty locker room?

Stay tuned!

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