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History Channel’s Cross–Country Cookout hits Union Square in NYC

HISTORY®’s Cross–Country Cookout hits the road again this summer with the 80–foot long Ultimate Smoker and Grill, bringing its tasty BBQ sausage to more summer festivals. The giant grill has the capacity to cook up to 2,000 pounds of meat at once! Finger lickin’ BBQ provided by pit master Trace “The Rib Whisperer” Arnold of 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House located in Frisco, TX.

Check out the schedule below and make your way to one of our events. This year we are bringing new games on tour–the American Pickers® Claw Game and the Swamp People® Gator Tag. Don’t miss your chance to win great prizes, taste free sausage, and enjoy HISTORY entertainment. You might event spot some of your favorite stars along the way.





The event was awesome! Free sausage infused with spices and cheese. It was delicious! The Spicy flavor was quickly extinguished with the sweet cheese! There’s also the motorcycle giveaway, which I will hopefully win!

If you are nearby stop in and catch a free quick bite!

They even had a giant claw machine and ride on bull! But the lines were too long and it was lunch time!


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