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Supplement Review: VitaTops – Muffin Top Supplements – smothered in PB2 Sauce




The question everyone is wondering… How does it taste?

Not superb! It tastes like a Bisquick pancake.

However; they do have a sugar free option:

When I put the PB2 sauce on it, it was good! Otherwise it was too dry.

PB2 Sauce:

PB2 mixed with skim milk

I am going to put that sauce on the Mancakes recipe, making a PB&J Mancakes Mancake lol

If it had triple to quadruple the protein it would be much better!

4g is ok but 12-16 would be good! Of course 20-25 would be optimal!

It makes a great cheat meal for someone craving muffins, is it a good daily breakfast? Not enough protein by itself. If eaten with egg whites and eating the sugar free version with PB2 sauce then it will rock!


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