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Supplement Review: Go Macro – Macrobar




They have 11 different bars! This is about the 3 I personally tried.

The Sunflower Butter and Chocolate, I didn’t really enjoy, it tasted like a dry chewy vegan bar devoid of deliciousness and the same goes for the next bar The Banana Almond Butter, they both reminded me of a vegan Cliff Bar! Same exact consistency! Don’t get me wrong, I love cliff bars and I like these first two bars. But they weren’t delicious, they were just edible.

However; just when I was about to write this off as a boring Expensive Cliff Bar (as Cliff Bars are $1 each) …


In came the absolutely delicious, I want it by the case load, Granola Coconut! For those of that don’t like the texture of Coconut, it didn’t have that texture, it was just pure deliciousness! Like a Girl Scout Samoa with Granola!

I would definitely eat that again! Preferably by the case load!

Here are a few below that I would love to try:




These bars are all natural and organic! I do wish two things: that the fiber and protein content was higher like a Quest Bar! If that happened and they could make it with for example 18g of fiber and 25g of protein these bars would rule the world!

But if you are a sports enthusiast and usually reach for a Cliff Bar, reach for a Go Macro!

What I like about the Go Macro is their choice of protein! They utilize Brown Rice and Pea protein instead of Cliff’s Soy protein. I do not like Soy protein at all!

What I would do is mix it up! Grab a couple Go Macros and Grab a couple Cliff Bars that way you get protein from different sources throughout your adventure! Great for long hikes so your blood sugar doesn’t drop! Again; I would love more protein and fiber! Especially being a man! We need more protein and usually don’t eat enough fiber!


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