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Product Review: Lock-Jaw Collars – the Kings of barbell collars! *


Lock-Jaw Pro (# LJC-PRO)
2″ / 50mm Olympic Barbell Collar, Weight: 13 ounces / set

Available in colors Black, Red, or Blue. The Lock-Jaw Pro Barbell Collar is an ideal choice for all bumper plate workouts. An easy to use permanent snap-latch keeps the collar secure throughout your most brutal workouts. 10x stronger retention force than traditional spring collars, the Lock-Jaw Pro will help prolong the life of your bumper plates.




Test one: Ease of use.. Wasn’t bad once you get the hang of it.

Test two: Barbell Grip:
Passed with flying colors! We put 315lbs on the bar and tilted it to the side! It didn’t even move!

Test two: Durability test:
People are always leaning plates on the clips causing them to (bend as below) making them unable to fit on the barbell

Leaned a plate on the Lock-Jaw and it crushed! Not sure if it was defective and had a hairline crack or it just failed miserably…


didn’t expect that outcome at all! The plate was always in contact with the ground and I let gravity take its course. I didn’t drop the plate, or throw the plate. The collars are heavy and feel tough, maybe adding fiberglass fibers to the mix would strengthen the collars more and not have this outcome especially after having it for only about 30min!

I was psyched when I received the package and then it quickly ruined my day and made me sad!

There’s no way I can present that to a commercial gym. It won’t hold up with all the idiots that go there. The idea is awesome and other than the material used it is designed well! And built sturdy!

I think maybe if they add fiberglass or carbon fiber fibers into the mix it would make it stronger and durable

They do have a hybrid steel & proprietary thermoset polymer resin model (the Elite) I am wondering about their durability? Will they hold up?

Again they really lock the plates down and don’t allow them to move! But for a commercial gym, I can’t recommend the pro model. If you buy them for your own personal use and keep them in your gym bag, then they rock! But I would spend the extra money for the Steel Polymer and hope they are stronger!

Honestly; that test above shocked me! These collars are thick and heavy! I didn’t in a million years it would crack in half on the first drop.

Lock-Jaw is designing an all metal competition collar! That is awesome! Superior locking and superior durability = best collar ever invented!

I want a set of those! Nothing can touch the all metal competition model!

Now they said all metal… Is it steel, aluminum, titanium or a mixture? Hmmm stay tuned!


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