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Product Review: Pro-Tech Athletics Gel Force Knee Support *

Inside view:

General Application: Great for alleviating knee pain and providing moderate knee joint stability.
Medical Applications: Patello-Femoral pain syndrome, Patellar tracking, chondromalacia, minor meniscus and ligament tears.
How It Works: Provides patellar (knee cap) stability with compression surrounding patella. Offers stability on medial and lateral sides of knee.
Design Theory: Breathable, soft fabric offers 4 way stretch applying even, comfortable compression throughout brace. Thick oval gel provides excellent comfort and support to patellar (knee cap) area. Medial (inside) and lateral (outside) spiral stays offer overall knee joint stability.

Sizing Chart:
Item 7200 Small (13” – 14”)
Item 7201 Medium (14” – 16″)
Item 7202 Large (16” – 18”)
Item 7203 Xlarge (18” – 20″)
(Circumference measured 1” above top of patella)

I have been wearing these for a couple days now and my knee pain is gone!

They are a little awkward to put on, but they are easy to pull off. Just grab it from the top and pull off inside out.

I am hoping they will stretch out a little, I think they will.

They are really comfortable when they are on. However; I do sweat in them and it’s only April. Can’t wait to see how they are in the summer. Stay tuned for more!

Pro-Tec Athletics also offers a full array of support, wrap, strap and sleeves for almost every part of the body! Check them out for your individual needs! Most are also custom tailored for specific injuries!

They also offer body specific ice (cool) and heat packs!


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