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Product Review: Cyclone Cup Shaker – Tornado in a Cup!

World’s Best Shaker!

A bold statement to make, yes it is. That’s because the Cyclone Cup is no ordinary cup!

It’s proven to mix better than today’s leading shaker bottle, thanks to a revolutionary Cyclone mixing technology that blasts through and mixes up the toughest ingredients with ease. With a 20 oz liquid mixing compartment and 6 oz dry storage compartment, the Cyclone Cup is perfect for in the house, at the gym or on-the-go!

So go ahead, add your favorite Pre-Workouts, Protein supplements, or Meal Replacements, and let the Cyclone Cup do the rest!


I love the Cyclone Cup and the fact that it is made of heavy duty Lexan like my Vitamix Blender.

However; I have found a Design Flaw in the Cyclone Cup. The bottom of the main cup retains a lot of water in the dishwasher, once the storage cup is removed. Which sometimes collects debris and must be rinsed and re washed. That’s a pain in the ass!

Check out the bottom of the Spider Shaker and compare:

See how it protrudes instead of recesses? Now look at the Cyclone cup:

If that is corrected this cup would be perfect!

I also have one more request!
A Cyclone Extreme! Add another storage cup for the extreme athlete like myself that needs 3 servings of powder: pre-workout, protein and post-workout Vitargo!

That would be the Ultimate shaker!

I love the top of the shaker and the closing mechanism it is pretty cool. It does however collect extra water when rinsing and the excess water flys around when shaking. The guys at the gym said your shaker is leaking and I said no I just rinsed it out after my protein and before Vitargo.

This shaker mixed my hard to mix Vitargo easily and in less than a full minute! I think it was actually half the time!

This shaker is virtually bullet proof! (“Virtually” don’t go shooting it! 😝) I dropped it full on the concrete and not even a scratch! I thought it would at least scratch and make like a little burr… Nope!

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