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Product Review: The Total Body Kit – by Trigger Point Performance *


pictured on the right.

(This post is delayed a little due to spraining my knee doing cardio)

**Update** April 25th 2014
I am watching the DVD and let me tell you it’s awesome!! It shows a whole bunch of movements I have never done like the Psoas & Piriformis

I did the full soleus, calf and the Antierior Tibialis and I feel amazing!

Then I did the pecs and it relieved tension off my shoulder and I feel great!

I tried to do the lats but my lats are too big and I’m too barrel chested to reach and it too awkward on the wall so I will stick to my cold roller on the floor!

Tomorrow I will do my quads and hamstrings!

I’m going to tell you not its not going to happen daily! However; I will play with doing the body parts I workout that same day and I will try 1 & 2 days offset. Stay tuned for those reviews here on this total body post!

There’s a tip section on DVD 2. I am going to try the car tip on my next long trip to the Air Force. Stay tuned for the reveal!

**Update** May 13th 2014
I found that using the quadballer in bed is better to start; as the bed gives when you put all your weight on the quadballer and it’s much more forgiving then rolling on a hard floor over your quads especially the outer Charlie-horse area. I suggest using it that way first to desensitize your legs before moving to the unforgiving floor!

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