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Product Review: The Cold Roller – by Trigger Point Performance *


Cold Roller – $99.99
Quick Overview
The Cold Roller™ is the most advanced and effective recovery product on the market.

Myofascial Release and Cold Compression

• Best, most effective recovery process

• Targets only muscles with cold compression maximizing recovery

• Speeds recovery and results

• Reduces rolling time with greatest rate of return

Cold Roller™ is a game changer
• Maintains cold effectiveness for up to 3 hours
• Compact, travel friendly
• Patent Pending Design
• Patent Pending Gel Core
• Stainless Steel roller resists scratching and breakdown
• Polyurethane Wheels for easy rolling and durability

How to use
• Place in freezer for 2+ hours
• Wipe down with warm washcloth to remove frost
• Begin rolling with only light pressure allowing muscles to adjust
• Do not stop rolling while using Cold Roller

Waiting the 5min to use my cold roller!


Well here I go! Just finished my back day and now cold Lat rolling! (Not taking my shirt off! Not the first time lol)

OMG! I started doing my lats and it felt sooo good I ended up doing my entire body!! Entire legs, lats, rear delt, bis, forearms and my neck and traps!

I feel so refreshed! And relaxed! I love the cold compression! Especially; after working out!

**Update** March 5th 2014
Today is leg day and my legs feel amazing! The Rumble Roller did a number on my legs a few days ago and it hurt for 3 days! Then all pain went away! Before that I was taking 3 Aleve 2xs a day for knee pain. Then with the advent of the Cold Roller yesterday, today they feel amazing! I have a huge bruise on the inside of my left Quad on the year drop that I think the Rumble Roller did as I was learning to adjust the pressure, so today I will not go heavy on leg day. Now that I know how to minimize pressure and use the Cold Roller, Rumble Roller and Beastie Bar; that won’t happen again! Next week I will be using the total body kit: Footballer, Quadballer etc…

I can already tell you I will not like the TP balls, as the beastie is the balls x2, but Trigger Point is super smart and ingenious! They have invented a sleeve that you place both balls into and it turns them into the peanut! I have never used a peanut and I heard it is really cool, so I can’t wait to use the peanut! Remember what I said earlier; do not discard your tools as one day you may be too sensitive for one of the tools; so one day I may be too sensitive for the Beasties and need the TP Ball. I can safely say that I can give away my lacrosse ball though!

Furthermore; it’s awesome how versatile the tools are and it goes from 2 separate balls to the peanut instead of having to buy another device! I will also try to put both Beasties in the sleeve, but I don’t think they will fit. I haven’t opened the sleeve to see how big it is.

I also saw a picture of someone using 2 rumble rollers one under the upper back and one under the legs. I will take the Rumble Roller and the M80 Roller and attempt to recreate it and tell you how it feels!

**Update** April 19th 2014
Broke out the Cold Roller today to freak out my niece (8yrs old). She just got finished with the Rumble Roller and the Grid so I broke out the Cold Roller and she was like ahhhhh it’s sooo Cold! It was in the freezer ☺️

But she rolled it on her lats and hamstrings and calves lol

Then I used it for a while. Absolutely love this Roller it’s my absolute favorite, but I only use it when I am sore to soothe my body (lats, upper and lower legs and arms)

The Rumble Roller is my favorite Roller, the M80 roller is my favorite travel roller and the grid is my favorite my back is sore Roller. I haven’t used the Y-roller yet, so I can’t comment on that yet.

If I need specialized targeted area attention I have the beastie bar and beasties.

I still haven’t tried the Orbs so I can’t comment on those either.

The Beastie Hook to me is worthless. I don’t use it.

Buy the Cold Roller!!

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