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Product Review: Mobility Tools – Rumble Roller – Deep Tissue Massage Roller *



Initial inspection:
This things huge! It dwarfs my m80 roller! Which I will use when I go away because it fits easily in my gym bag. Ts also much firmer than I thought! I expected the spikes to be softer. I first laid on it on my upper back I usually start at the low back and allow my back to stretch around the roller. Then I go lightly by my lung/kidney area and then roll up. With this I put it across my upper back by rhomboids and I yelled AHHH!! It hurt like a torture device! But then I got used to it and it felt weirdly cool.

What I would do is use a standard roller such as the M80 roller or the Grid and align everything and let your back crack and align once ready switch to the rumble roller for deep spiky penetrated rolling.

I would not use this as your only sole roller.

Stay tuned for performance review.

**Update** April 19th 2014
This is my favorite in home roller. I like the spikes! My niece (8yrs old) used the Rumble Roller today and had a ball doing it. She was pretty good at it, but she said AHHH it hurts lol while giggling. Then she switched to the grid and used that one in her back, lats and legs and I used the Rumble Roller, then she tried a beastie and said ahh that’s got spikes! 😦 lol but she tried it lol

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