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Product Review: Heavy Duty Doorway Chin-up bar by Black Mountain Products *

Portable chin-up bar features easy installation and removal in seconds. Supports up to 300 lbs. Soft cushioned handles make for a comfortable yet durable grip in 12 different positions.

**Update** February 26th 2014
Had to assemble it wasn’t that hard, all the screws are the same size.


I hung it up and tested to see if it was going to break or break the wall. Then I did a pull up and checked to see if it dented the molding and to my surprise it didn’t even make a mark! It did however; creak and squeak like crazy, but no marks! Then I got right up and did 6 pull-ups with no shoulder pain (one of the only pull-ups I’ve done since I had a slap repair of my right shoulder (Labrum). Not bad, but I am not going to push it! Until tomorrow!

I did find out that if u try and do a normal pull-up its awkward! But if you pull your knees up and in front of you like a knee-up it stabilizes you. So basically you get a 2 fold workout! Pull-ups and abs!

Check back tomorrow for an update!


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