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Supplement Review: Coconutter – By Sweet Spreads




What are the shipping rates?
1 kit – $9.00
2 kits -$12.50
1-2 jars (15oz) – $9.00
3-6 jars (15oz) – $12.50
7-12 jars (15oz) – $18.00

What flavors are available?
Chocolate Brownie
Vanilla Cup Cake
Cinnamon Roll
White Chocolate
Maple Pancakes
Dark Chocolate Mint

What ingredients are in your product?
UnSweetened Coconut Flakes (Base) Organic
Virgin Coconut Oil
Raw Pecans
All Natural Vanilla Extract
All Natural Cane Sugar

Different flavoring (Cinnamon, maple cocoa powder and cocoa butter) depending on the flavor

Everything is completely all natural in the product. NO ARTIFICAL ANYTHING!!

What is the nutritional information?
Serving Size: 120 Calories
Fat: 10g In the form of MCTs
Carbohydrates: 6g
Fiber: 2g
Sugar: 3g – Coconut and all natural cane sugar
Protein: 1g

Gluten Free, All Natural, No Artificial Sweeteners
Contains tree nuts

How do I serve and store Sweet Spreads Coconutter?

In cool temperatures Sweet Spreads Coconutter will naturally harden.
Microwave to desired smoothness, suggested 15 seconds.
Sweet Spreads Coconutter can be stored for up to 12 months.
Refrigeration is not necessary.
Is Sweet Spreads Coconutter the best thing you have ever tasted?


Ok first off! I know you are going to go to her website: please do not hold her Atrocious (with a capital A) website against her!

Sweet Mama Mel,
I know you will read this: you have to do something about that immediately!! It’s priority one!! You need pictures and descriptions and a true store setup where people can click and buy it now! Seriously, it’s very bad! Like do this tomorrow!

Her Instagram is beautiful and shows the products much better: sweetspreads

With that out of the way!

I have a 6 cute mini jar sample pack, (I can already hear you girls awe these are adorable hehe) and let me tell you they taste amazing! It’s not almond or pecan butter with a little coconut butter mixed in. It’s coconut butter with a little nuts and flavors mixed in.

I tried eating coconut butter/coconut oil plain with a spoon to get my healthy fats in and I just couldn’t!! Yuk!

Well; the Chocolate Brownie didn’t stand a chance! It’s gone!

It had (past tense lol) a rich Chocolate & Coconut taste! Ps I licked the jar 😱 and lid! 😱

What’s the cool hidden perk? They are in cute reusable mason jars! Just wash and reuse and every time you do it will remind you to order more sweet spreads!



Sweet Mama Mel really is sweet! She’s very nice and will he happy to help you with your order:

(Fix the site!)

If a smooth Skippy like nut butter is your preference Barney Butter is for you. If you like a smooth peanut butter with tiny bits of other nuts kind of between smooth and chunky and layered flavors like a gourmet meal then YoufreshNaturals is the way to go. If you are looking for more a coconut butter than Sweet Spreads is your best option.

Stay tuned for more!

**Update** February 22nd 2014
Last night was cold from transit tonight it’s nice and creamy this is the chocolate mint


Check out the recipe: Ultimate Nut-Butter Protein Balls for my practical application of Sweet Spreads!

Btw, I enjoyed all flavors. The Vanilla Chocolate didn’t taste like anything except coconut, so I would consider that as plain. In case you have an application for plain. I still enjoyed it!

All flavors are nice and creamy! Very easy to mix in any recipe or just eat with a spoon! 😱

What most people don’t know; is you need fat to burn fat! But it has to be healthy fat! Drain the animal fats when cooking and replace with healthy fats such as coconut oil and nuts! Here you have both! Eat it by the spoonful or the mini jarful! 😉


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