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Recipe: Low Carb Spicy Beef Stuffed Peppers


It’s not easy finding low carb meals that are super easy, tasty and super healthy!

I find that peppers are an easy portable, edible bowl! And they are healthy and nutritious!

Get a bunch of bell peppers preferable red or orange! Whatever’s on sale! And hollow them out. Unlike the egg peppers you don’t have to go crazy hollowing them out for extra space, because it doesn’t matter if these over flow!


Couple packages of the Leanest Ground Beef you can find preferably Black Angus!

A bunch of sliced mushrooms

A couple Jalapeños

Braggs liquid aminos

Fresh grated Ginger

Fresh/Minced Garlic

Cayenne Pepper

Chili Powder

Couple tbsps rice wine vinegar

And whatever spices you want to add:
Cumin, Coriander, Garam Masala, various Curry, Cardamom, Tumeric etc (remember the healthy healing oatmeal post)

Spray Skillet with Olive/Coconut Oil
Combine all ingredients in Skillet
Stir fry in Skillet until the meat is done and stuff mixture in the peppers!

Eat and enjoy!

Stay tuned for practical application!

I have some wasabi sesame seeds 😉

I checked the 93% ground beef and the fat content was still super high like 12g so I opted for the meatloaf mix of beef, pork and veal with 5g of fat!

I forgot the jalapeños so I doubled the chili and cayenne pepper

They came out amazing!!

You have to try this!

Get Creative! And feel free to share your combinations, and comments!

Send images to:

(That goes for any recipe here)

Bout 200 calories a half, 28g protein, 6g fat and maybe 8-12g carbs from pepper and mushroom



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