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Product Review: Gym Gear – Shred Belt by Ironbull Strength – shred that belly fat *


Preliminary review! There hasn’t been a product that has got me so anxious for its arrival as this! Does it work? Is it witch doctor bullshit? Does it hold up or will it fail like every other ab belt and the Velcro will wear out super quick? Does it make you sweat and break out in the area applied, like the rubber lined spa belts? Does it really do what it says? Does it burn belly fat?

Stay tuned for this epic review!!


Experiment the New Research Proven Method to Burn Belly Fat and Get Shredded Abs

Ask yourself this question: How come when we are trying to shed off body fat, there are always specific areas we are struggling with? On the same note, why do some areas on our body simply don’t carry as much fat or are the first ones to be burned off? Most experts agree that your genetics highly impact the areas where your body will store and burn fat. What if there was a new SCIENCE-PROVEN method that allows you to OVERCOME your bad genetics and instantly target your stubborn belly fat every time you work out or exercise? We extensively tested this all new method and the results simply speak for themselves.

Our bodies are designed to store excess calories in case we run out of energy. The excess calories we eat are stored in fat cells all over our body. When our body lacks energy, it will release fat burning hormones in the blood stream and travel in our body to transform stored calories in fat cells into energy. This process is called lipolysis or is simply known as “Fat Burning”.

Blood flow is the most crucial factor when it comes to burning stubborn belly fat. You can even test this yourself: Touch an area of your body where you lose fat more easily (shoulders, chest or upper back), it will feel fairly warm. Now touch your belly and love handles. Stone cold.

Studies have shown that these hard to burn areas can have 67% lower blood flow than easy to burn areas. This can reduce your fat burning capabilities by as much as 300% in your mid section!

Coincidence? No it’s not. Poor blood flow has two major consequences on your ability to burn fat. First, the fat burning hormones in your blood can’t get to the fat cells. Second, poor blood flow makes it almost impossible to get mobilized fat away from fat cells so they can’t be burned for energy.

If cold fat in our belly is nearly impossible to burn, then it only makes sense to warm up the area and increase blood flow in our abdominal region so we can extract all that unwanted stubborn belly fat.

This is exactly what the Shred Belt™ helped us achieve and it worked EVERY TIME on EVERYONE who tested it, no matter their body type, initial weight or lifestyle.

This new science-proven method will increase your fat burning capability giving you the shredded mid section you always wanted.


The Shred Belt is a completely safe yet extremely effective fat burning tool. It creates a powerful thermogenic effect on the applied area which increases blood flow to your midsection allowing your body to reach stubborn fat cells by increased vasodilation.

Through physical activities, calorie expenditure increases. By wearing the Shred Belt at the same moment, you allow your body to reach the fat cells in your midsection and increase your fat burning capabilities by as much as 300%.

The Shred Belt boosts the thermogenic action and enhances calorie burn in your hard to lose belly fat. Its breathable fabric allows your body to cool down and prevent excessive sweating while burning more fat off your midsection.

Simply put, as with any fat burner, combining it with a proper training and balanced diet is the best way to get the desired results you want. However, the Shred Belt WILL provide you the extra edge in your fat loss battle that you wouldn’t reach otherwise.

Boost Your Fat Loss Capability
By increasing blood flow to your midsection, you can effectively manipulate the calories you burn from the area you wish to lose – your belly fat. The Shred Belt gives you an instant way to start burning belly fat from the very first use.

Eliminate Built up Toxins
The thermogenic effect of the Shred Belt increases blood flow to your adipose tissue by vasodilation. The increased circulation allows your body to bring more oxygen and nutrients to your fat cells while removing waste products and toxins stuck in your fat cells causing cellulite. The result is a smoother, firmer and tighter looking skin.

Accelerate Your Results
The Shred Belt forces your body to use stubborn fat in your midsection. Combine the Shred Belt with an intense training and you have an extreme belly fat burner weapon. The more calories you burn while wearing the Shred Belt, the more fat you will burn from your midsection. Combine this with a proper diet and you have the final solution to ripped abs.

Try The Shred Belt With Our Risk-Free MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Here’s What You Get:

UNIQUE and INSTANT way to target fat loss DIRECTLY in your midsection from the very first use

Science-proven method that works for ANYONE, male or female, no matter your body type or lifestyle

Technology you FEEL working INSIDE your adipose tissue within minutes ONLY of wearing the belt

No cream, no pills or special regimen to follow. No batteries or electrical outlet. A SAFE and NATURAL technology increasing your fat burning capacity DIRECTLY in your belly fat



Ok I wore this thing for the first time today, and let me tell you! I have never in my life felt anything like this!

No chords, no batteries, no chemicals!

I felt noticeable heat in my abs for 1hr after removing belt! Like I had icy hot on. In fact, it’s on fire more if you sit after! I was in the car driving home and it was on fire!!! (No belt on)

If I feel my stomach it’s cold to the touch! But internally it feels like Icy hot.

Only a little bit of sweating in the red area of the belt and it dried fast and the belt wasn’t wet at all

This belt is awesome!!

Now; that being said, I an bot saying that this belt works!! Only time will tell! However; with a reaction like that, all signs point to yes! I am realllly psyched about this product and so much more after feeling it work today!

For all of those people that don’t believe in the electromagnetic alternative technologies such as (Chi) I challenge you to buy this belt and try it! If you can debunk it after that… Then it truly is bullshit! But again, no batteries, no cord and no chemicals! If Chi enhancing and the body’s electro magnetic field doesn’t exist, then how does this get hot?

Fits waists from 32″-45″
Has a double Velcro closure, so it won’t pop open in the middle of a workout like the normal cheap spa belts!

Stay tuned for results! And there’s not a doubt in my mind there will be! In fact if there isn’t I will be disappointed!

So far this is the front runner for product of the year 2014, but the year is young!

**Update** February 10th 2014
I have been using the belt since I received it for 2 1/2 cardio sessions a day. Today I decided to wear it while I watch tv. Currently I’m just lying in bed with it on and my stomach is on fire!! So, you don’t have to workout with it! You can wear it lying in bed, while cleaning the house, while shopping at the mall, basically; while doing anything! Maybe even in the shower lol. Clean the belt and burn fat at the same time lol

**Update** February 11th 2014
Today I wore it under my shirt at work for a 1/2 hr then to the gym for 2 – 1/2 hr cardio sessions and then tonight watching tv after the gym. Lets see what 4 applications a day does!

**Update** February 16th 2014
Dear Ironbull Fitness,
I have talked with numerous women about your Shred Belt and I have an IDEA for you! Make belts for your inner thighs as well. I asked numerous women how they would like these for their inner thighs and every single one of them said I want that! You can also incorporate them into arm sleeves for that female wavy arm problem. Remember who just hooked you up! 😉

**Update** February 18th 2014
I am seeing a big noticeable difference since I started 4 times a day! Is it my diet? Is it the belt? Is it the BPI fat burning stack? If I see the same degree of difference in the next few weeks it’s definitely the belt contributing! Do I think it’s spot reducing my abs? Absolutely not! Do I think it’s contributing to my fat burning furnace? I think it is! If it continues over the next coming weeks, then absolutely I do! Abs-olutely!

Stay tuned! Until then my stomach will continue to be on fire 4 times a day until then!

**Update** February 18th 2014
One thing I did was allow my stomach hair to fully grow and then shave it to see if there’s a difference. Well; there isn’t a difference they both equally burn!!!

**Update** March 4th 2014
Today I wrote Ironbull a letter stating that I think I broke the belt as I didn’t feel the same burn as I used to. Is my body just getting used to the belt? Does it need to be recharged with sunlight?

And Alex S. Responded:

You are actually building a tolerance to the heat of the belt. Your feeling
of the heat will diminish with time but the effect is still there. Your
belly will still get red hot and blood flow will still be greatly increased
due to the belt.

The belt actually works with the heat your body is generating. The more heat
your body generates, the hotter the belt will get. If you wear the belt
during the day, the heat sensation will be much less than during an intense
workout where your body generates a lot of heat. This is why it is important
to keep the belt away from hot sources when not being used (no drying
machine, away from the sun, etc.)

The belt does not need recharging. It is designed to last 1+ year of intense

For my part, I have been using the same one for more than 9 months and I still get a red belly from using it.

So… With my new found knowledge; my room has been a little chilly, so I turned up the heat and wrapped myself in a blanket and now it’s burning like crazy!

The gym has been a little chilly also, so tomorrow I will wear a hoodie to heat my core that much more!

Burn baby burn!!! I can see it already! Me, my hoodie and my Elevation Mask! The Ninjas have arrived!

Speaking of; they need to make another Ninja Assassin movie!!

**Update** March 23rd 2014

I injured my knee from either overwork or rolling too hard or both. So; this belt has been my helper! I have continued to use it multiple times a day; even though I can’t do cardio or legs. Lately the stomach fat-loss has slowed, but vigilance wins in the end!


4 responses

  1. john c

    has this belt been tested by any agencies to show evidence of harmful thermal radiation to your abdomen? Realistically if you change the heat and chemical composition of your insides it can be rather detrimental. My question is what are the small black reflector rubber spots made of? What are the chances after multiple uses that this product may cause unwanted cell proliferation aka cancer to the intestines/colon or even dermal tissue?

    October 2, 2015 at 10:50 PM

    • You sound like you know what you are talking about. Kinda scary! What’s the difference between that and the standard core belts that increase the temperature of your core?

      October 2, 2015 at 10:55 PM

    • “This technology is 100% safe and 100% natural. The product is CE approved
      and conformed by European Directives.

      The rays which are generated from the black dots (a proprietary blend
      injected into silicone) only go about 0.5-1 inches in your body. It simply
      heats up the water behind your skin which in turn increases blood flow. The
      product is very safe and will not disrupt the human body nor will it cause
      cancer.” Direct from Ironbull Strength.

      October 5, 2015 at 3:19 AM

  2. john c

    interesting. Of course if you wanted to sell millions of units of your product it would certainly help to start by saying will not cause neoplastic harm haha. Thanks for the heads up

    October 8, 2015 at 9:09 PM

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