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Product Review: Gym Gear – Part 2 of our 3 way Grip Battle: Grip4orce – performance enhancing Grips *

Part Two of our 3 way Grip Battle for 2014 Grip of the Year and possible Product of the Year

Coming soon!

This is a picture that someone took, as you can see the Grip4orce basic is on the left and a Fat Gripz is on the left.

Notice the Fat Gripz clips to the dumbbell and the Grip4orce has a gap. The science behind the Grip4orce claims that by actually squeezing the grip shut it engages the grip and forearm more than the Fat Gripz.

Well, that’s yet to be seen and we will soon be testing them!

My preliminary review of this product is bleak!

1. By engaging the grip so much will it cause you to fail sooner and when your grip fails will you dangerously drop the bar or dumbbell?

2. By engaging the grip so much will your grip fail much sooner then your targeted muscle causing you to get a substandard workout?

3. Will engaging the grip so much strengthen it much sooner than the Fat Gripz?

4. I like the overall look and feel of the bicycle like grip much better than the Fat Gripz, but will the bicycle like grip pattern dig into your hands under extreme weight? Is my visual preference a detriment?

Time will tell so stay tuned for the review!

I am going to start as designed and use the basic first, even though I am strong enough to close the advanced. I am using the advanced today on my day off as a gripper to get used to it.

**Update** February 3rd 2014
Today I used the grips during my bicep workout and unlike the Fat Gripz I felt a lot of pressure in my hands and wrist. Not sure if I like that. I do not jump to conclusions, so I will continue to use them and see if after a couple days it fades. Just as the Fat Gripz hurt my forearms for the first 3 days.

Not sure how I like it. This was the imprint on my hand with a 40lb dumbbell after doing 85lb straight bar curls. That was all I could do! (I am also switching from a low carb diet to carb cycling, but that shouldn’t be a problem, it should be a benefit!) Normally, I do a lot more! 145lbs+. I am eager to see my hands when I do bent over rows! And will my grip be able to hold the bar?

One thing as they must be squeezed, and not clip-on, they are easier to transition from exercise to exercise than Fat Gripz.

The Grip4orce can also interlock together and fit in your pocket between stations.

Stay tuned!!

Ok. So, I used the grips yesterday for back day and I didn’t like them too much. I was doing bent over rows on the smith machine for 285 and I couldn’t hold on! It was just too awkward. I actually had to default to the Fat Gripz (remind you I was only using the beginner blue set) and I completed 6 reps. Then when I tried to remove the gripz and finish out I could also only do 5 reps as my grip and forearms were on fire!

I noticed after using them this week that my thumb muscle and tendon have been popping out of my hand and my hands have more definition and vascularity. Now let that spread further throughout my body lol

I think my final review (I am not done yet) but I thinky final review will be like the guy on YouTube and I like the Fat Gripz better for pulling movements and the Grip4orce better for pushing movements. I used the Grip4orce on incline bench press. (I use hammer strength incline bench press) because:
1. It gives me size and at 50+ inches how big do I really need to get?
2. It protects my post surgery shoulder.
3. I don’t need multiple spotters at heavy weights such as 450lbs
4. The bar doesn’t start to bend
5. Less chance of injury

So I put the Grip4orce on and it actually was slightly bigger (which I didn’t think it would be as the hammer Grips are pretty thick) and it forced me to grip rather than use a suicide grip. I really enjoyed the feeling. Except the grip digging into my hand

Stay tuned for more!

Today; Traps!
Traps weren’t that bad to hold on to because I was doing light upright rows. However; heavy dumbbells were almost impossible to hold on to!

What is my finding of the challenge?

Well, I haven’t gotten to the extremes yet, but whether you choose Fat Gripz or Iron Bull it’s all preference! I say get both and see which one you like best! If you lose a set or if it gets stolen you have a backup!

These grips will indeed enhance your workout and will indeed build your arms to record sizes and are worth every penny! My arms have been hurting for the first time in a long time!

As far as part 2: Grip4orce I’m not going to totally write them off yet. Just because I don’t like them now doesn’t mean I won’t like them after my grip strength builds more. I will revisit them in a little while!

So; get over to and and get a couple pairs of Gripz! I am going to rotate one week Fat Gripz and one week Iron Bull back and forth so my arms keep guessing and don’t get used to either of them!


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  1. use both, prefer G4… due to these keep my grip tight plus they have built my grip up a lot over time. 6 months now with them and mostly use the Advanced now

    February 3, 2014 at 9:24 PM

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