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Recipe: Homemade ETB Low Calorie/Low Carb/Low Fat Peanut Butter Cups


Get a nonstick tray or cupcake papers
Take 3 scoops protein powder
I used 2 scoops Protizyme by Metabolic Nutrition: chocolate cake and 1 peanut butter cookie (because I didn’t have ETB Chocolate)
6 tbsp of 0% plain Greek Yogurt.
3tbsp organic cocoa powder
5tbsp of water

8tbsp of PB2
6tbsp water

Mix the Protein Powder, Yogurt, cocoa powder and water in a bowl and make sure it’s thin enough to pour may need a little bit more water.

Take the tray and spray it with nonstick spray just in case!

Pour a little bit of the mixture on the bottom of each spot.

Then in a separate bowl mix the PB2
And water till it’s thin enough to pour and then pour all mixture on top of the started chocolate

Then cover the PB2 with the remaining chocolate mixture.

Put in the freezer for 15min or until done and enjoy!

Keep frozen for the best taste!

Eat the Bear Protein



Pictured size took 45min to freeze and almost a full jar of PB2!

You might want to add a little Xylitol to the Chocolate mix or use Vanilla yogurt instead of plain.

They came out good, but would have been healthier and tastier if I had Chocolate ETB!


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