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Product Review: Mobility Tools – The M80 Roller – rolling in style!

Notice the cool M80 Camo roller on the right next to my Obnoxious Orange Everlast Roller. The M80 roller is longer and much less padded. When I initially grabbed the roller I could feel the overall thickness of the interior PVC core and feel the quality of the roller. Having a much larger upperbody than the average person, cracking of the core is always a concern with me! Once I felt the thickness of the core I was rest assured!

M80 Roller


With the M80 Roller being the only one of its kind on the market we guarantee to give you the best rolling experience you’ve had. The M80′s firmness and patented grooves will find hidden muscle aches and pains you never even knew were there and leave you reinvigorated and feeling better than you have in years. Cut recovery time in half and perform at your potential. Did we also mention that the M80′s “Closed Cell Technology” prevents any moisture from absorbing, meaning your roller will be left germ free for years to come. At 15″ long and 5″ in diameter this sleek design makes it the perfect travel buddy.

Gone are the days of the foam roller, it’s time to revolutionize your recovery with the next big thing!

The second I put it under my back I noticed the lack of padding! My back immediately went Craaaaaaaaaaaack crack crackety crack crack! And it was immediately in-line.

Not sure if I like the lack of padding, however if you go back to the Everlast article; I stated that although there’s a ton of padding this solid core roller feels as if there’s nothing and you are rolling on a PVC pipe. So, is it truly different from the Everlast? Lets find out!

Lets take a closer look at the M80 Roller! Stay tuned!

Do you want to know something that’s really funny? Well, you are going to read it anyway! They are the exact same thing! PVC pipe wrapped in foam! Yet; they are worlds apart! The Everlast has a thicker diameter whereas the M80 rollers is thinner.

The Everlast is wrapped with thick almost original like foam roller foam of the old school soft-core foam rollers. Whereas the M80 Rollers foam is tight almost memory foam like. That gives each a different sensation. The Everlast I don’t feel it touching my spine when I roll over it, the M80 I can feel my spine.

The Everlast I get a deeper stretch in my back due to the increased diameter, but sometimes you want a thinner diameter.

The M80 because of the less foam you get more pressure.

The M80 is longer so it’s easier to transition positions instead of having to reset.

The M80 I like much better for rolling body parts (legs and lats) whereas I think I like the Everlast for rolling my back better. I don’t like either of them for my arms, that I use a lacrosse ball, I also use that for target spots in my back and legs. For my neck I like the M80 Roller better because the thinner core can get in deeper and I also like the ball for targeted neck work. From doing a lot of trapezius work, my neck tends to get still quite often is usually once every 4 days or so. Therefore; it’s important to stretch and work it!

Basically; what another practitioner said: it’s another tool in my mobility arsenal! I am glad I have an M80 Roller!

Stay tuned for updates!

**Update** March 3rd 2014
Revisiting the M80 Roller:
I received the Grid today and I have to tell you, I got more appreciation for the M80 Roller! Now having seen them all, the M80 Rollers PVC core is twice as thick as the competition and if you look carefully it’s fibrous too! Not just smooth. It’s by far the strongest made roller. I also like the coating!

However! The M80 Roller is not a beginner Roller! I suggest starting with the Grid, the when the muscles are desensitized move to the (Advanced) M80 Roller then once a week use the Deep penetration of the (Super Advanced) Rumble Roller and Beasties! It’s my finding that the Rumble Roller is too aggressive for daily use. My legs still hurt from my initial roll!

Start with the grid, let your back align and use the extra padding under your hips and let you hip flexors stretch and open up. Then move to the (Advanced) M80 Roller for daily maintenance.

Then; once a week go for extreme deep tissue with the (Super Advanced) Rumble Roller and Beasties.

That’s everything except Post Workout! Post Workout hit your legs and lats with the Cold Roller! For Cold Compression and Deep Tissue Massage.

There’s your recipe for a strong pain free (not when you are doing it! It sucks when rolling lol) healthy body!


8 responses

  1. Nice. I have been told to get a very large pvc to use in stead. I may have to look into getting one of these. I believe in foam rolling. Thanks for sharing.

    January 27, 2014 at 10:44 AM

    • You definitely don’t want plain PVC as it has absolutely no padding. Also, different companies have different patterns of foam causing different pressure stimulation such as the M80, the Grid and the crazy looking STI Rumble Roller. You will see that rolling on them is not the same as I just learned from the M80 Roller. As I will also probably learn from the upcoming 3 way grip challenge between: Fat Gripz, Grip4orce and Ironbull Strength TGrips

      January 27, 2014 at 1:40 PM

  2. I have a really thick foam roller but I’d like to give a smaller one a try to get into my lats

    January 30, 2014 at 10:12 PM

    • You would like it misspixie don’t forget to also go buy a lacrosse ball and the book: becoming a supple leopard to learn how to properly use all tools

      January 30, 2014 at 10:14 PM

      • I have a lacrosse ball, and I tell my massage clients to buy

        January 30, 2014 at 10:21 PM

      • Nice I like using the ball and small diameter on my neck and shoulder and the middle of my shoulder blades. My low back can’t handle the small diameter. I need the large diameter for that

        January 30, 2014 at 10:23 PM

      • One also but that book would be worth checking out!

        January 30, 2014 at 10:21 PM

      • check out the review here!

        January 30, 2014 at 10:35 PM

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