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Supplement Review: Capsi-Blast by ProMera Sports – fat burner cycling!

I could have sworn I wrote about this product! But I can’t find it anywhere.. So here it goes!

There comes a time in all dieters nightmares! The dreaded wall! The plateau! The time when you have taken fat burners too long and you have to cycle off. Your body isn’t stupid! In fact it’s the best machine ever built! It can adapt to almost anything! Well; eventually it adapts to fat burners and they are no longer safe and working, so you have to cycle off.
Well to a dieter that’s the worst thing that can happen! You don’t want a month or two of staying the same and you definitely don’t want a month or gaining weight! So what do you do?

Capsi-blast! To the rescue!

With low level caffeine 100mg and nothing but beta alanine (pump) and niacin (blood rush) and vitamin b (natural energy) it’s the way to go!

What I do and I’m not suggesting you do! Is I take 3/4 benedryl a day to recharge my beta receptors while I cycle off fat burners and on to capsi-blast! I do that for a full bottle and off I go back to extreme fat burning!

One thing ProMera didn’t take into account is the mouth burn after effect of the Capsi-blast powder!

After you drink the Capsi-blast drink there will be a little reside in the glass and you will be tempted to lick it! Don’t do it!! That’s the hot stuff lol!!

I Iike Capsi-blast as a cycling off extreme fat burner – fat burner, but as a stand alone fat burner, no it doesn’t compare to Super HD, Super Slim 7 or any other extreme Thermogenic!

Mixability 8/10
Taste 8/10 mild afterburn
Effect 7/10 could be better
Transitioning agent 10/10 best for cycling off fat burners while still wanting to burn fat!

A lot of companies are coming out with fat burner powders: this was the first that I know of…

One thing I love about this product is it’s a powder and not a pill. Pills have what’s called first pass: your liver has to break the pill down in order to use it, which puts strain on your liver (the more pills you take) being a powder it doesn’t need that and gives your liver a little much needed break!

Do not throw out the annoying desiccant bag in the jar! If you do the moisture will turn it into a blue unusable glob!


**Update** January 28th 2014
I just had the mandarin orange and it’s wayyyyyyy better than the blue raspberry!


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