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Workout Review: CBVT WTF is that? All these acronyms I feel like I’m in the military… Oh yeah I am!

What is CBVT?
Cumulative Blood Volume Training

During a workout, blood flow is routed to the muscle being trained. Packed into the plasma component of the blood is a rich supply of cell-volumizing compounds such as amino acids, creatine, glucose, minerals, electrolytes and anabolic hormones.

The goal of Cumulative Blood Volume Training (CBVT) is to flood the muscle being trained with as much blood as humanly possible. Sometimes, this means forgetting about how much weight your lifting or whether you’re breaking your personal bests.

The only thing that should be going through your head is to force as much blood into the targeted area via ultra-focused muscular contractions. This will amplify the delivery of cell-hydrating compounds directly into the muscle where they will be transported into the tiny cellular compartments of muscle fibers producing an enlarged, “hyper-hydrated” state.

CBVT is not accomplished in just a few sets and reps. It’s called “cumulative” for a reason. Rather than think of each individual exercise, set, rep and weight being used, you’ll have to think of the entire workout as one massive, cumulative signal being delivered to a targeted area.

It could take up to 16-20 sets for larger muscle groups and 12-15 sets for smaller muscle groups to completely fill the area with blood and generate a powerful anabolic signal in the muscle.

CBVT Is Not Accomplished In
Just A Few Sets And Reps.
Any training method that works to increase the delivery of blood to the muscle is acceptable in a CBVT routine. According to some experienced bodybuilders, incorporating techniques such as 2-4 second peak contractions and 10-second static contractions worked into your routine can help to prevent blood flow and allow metabolites to build up.
Once the “temporary blockage” is removed, a large surge of blood is triggered to the area to remove the metabolites. This method of temporarily disrupting normal blood flow can work to create a powerful rush of anabolic-rich blood to the targeted area.

It all comes down to this one moment. Another self-inflicted torture session has ended, but in your obsessive world, the muscle growth process has just begun. Every chaotic rep doesn’t mean a damn thing if you mess this up.

Rest in between sets should be kept to less than one minute. Too much time in between sets can cause you to lose your pump and take away from the overall goal of CBVT. Rest intervals of 45 seconds are optimal to keep a steady flow of nutrients constantly filtering into muscle cells with repeated contractions.

CBVT is a training methodology that is based on the science that has demonstrated that the difference between the body of a bodybuilder and the body of anyone who trains “normally” in the gym, is not the size of the muscle fibres themselves. The difference is the result of the level of hydration within the muscle fibres. This is referred to as hyper-hydration.

Why might you want to use this technique? Just as everyone is different and has longer or shorter legs/arms/neck, we don’t all have the same number of muscle fibres within our bodies. As a result, some people find it easy to get bigger. So, if you feel that your legs or chest are not as big as you want them to be, CBVT may help you improve the look of a muscle group. Note, this is about the look of a muscle, not its strength.

There are two parts of CBVT. The workout and the nutrition.

The workout itself may feel odd at first as you are reducing the weight to about 75% of your normal “lift” and increasing the number of reps to between 12 to 15 which would normally put you into an endurance rep range. What is different is that at the top of each rep, you hold the muscle contraction for 3 to 5 seconds and you pause between sets for no more than 45 seconds. The theory says that by holding the contraction you are stopping blood flow temporarily causing a build-up of by-products, when you then let go, your body floods that area with blood to clear the by-products thus giving you that “pumped” look. This is why you shorten the pause between sets so that your body doesn’t have the time to return to normal. After the next set, your body pumps in yet more blood, increasing the pump yet further.

That hopefully explains the reason it’s called blood volume training, but why cumulative? For the pump to take hold, you need to do 15 to 20 sets. As you can’t do 15 to 20 sets of bench pressing, you need to think of your entire workout as one giant superset with only 45 second pauses between exercises as well as between sets. The result is one very tired person and some very pumped muscles.

How did I learn about CBVT? I met Markus Ruhl the biggest dude I ever met! I think he was even bigger than Pudzianowski! I don’t know how he wiped his ass we has huge and awkward! But fuckin cool lol!



He was really really nice! I talked to him for over an hour and he gave me a lot of great tips! I was upset because it was right after my surgery and I was still going to therapy and lifting 3-5lb weights.

I asked him what is he doing in the gym now and he said I only do CBVT! And u know my response! WTF is that????

Well, know you know!

Try it! It rocks! When I get a full on bicep and forearm pump I can’t scratch my nose! That’s when I know I’m done! Unfortunately I’m on a low carb diet, so it only lasts for a little while then I do cardio and bye bye glycogen again 😭

I can’t wait to reach my goal weight and add the sweet potato recipe listed here on this site and be able to keep a lot of my blood volume pump!

Markus if you ever read this: Thank you for being a great guy! Thank you for the knowledge and the motivation!

Ps: the macho tuna hand grenades also came from Markus, but I put my own twist on it!

He doesn’t eat one or two in a sitting! That monster eats a whole bunch!!!

There’s no secrets if you are a reader of my blog 2yrs ago I under went a slap repair of my right shoulder: my labrum was torn in 3 spots almost completely.

I want my 21″ biceps back! I miss my friends calling me gorilla arms lmfao!

I have been on a low carb diet for an extended amount of time so I am glycogen deficient and muscles are flat! I have been doing CBVT for the last couple weeks and for a brief 20 minutes of so, I am in glory as my arms are exploding and at least 21″ for 20 min 😭.

I seriously can’t wait to add Fat Gripz to at least my arm workout!

However; I will be adding it to everything I possibly can! Biceps, shoulders, back day, triceps etc… I seriously can’t wait!

Check out the review on this site for Fat Gripz!


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