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Recipe: Fast Easy and Yummy Sweet Potatoes for a week recipe!

I can’t eat these yet so there’s going to be no pic! But for all of you that want to bulk cleanly, this is for you!

Get a bunch of sweet potatoes say 1 a day so grab 7 and slice of the ends and throw them away!

Then preheat over to 450 degrees and take a pan and like it with aluminum foil and spray the foil with organic spray coconut oil just enough so it doesn’t stick.

The coconut oil will give it a yummy taste and healthy fats.

Then slice the potato into thin disks, you don’t have to worry about peeling them when they are cooked the peel is easy to separate if you don’t want to eat it.

Try and keep the sizes uniform so they cook evenly!

Then put them in the pan and spread them evenly

I like to sprinkle them with organic cinnamon (organic cinnamon contains cinnamon oil) see the benefits of cinnamon on a few posts here. Healthy healing mason jar oatmeal is one and variety is the spice of life is another also read the benefits of other spices and you can experiment with all your recipes!

Tip 2 spray them lightly on top with the coconut spray, so they get crispy

Then stick em in the oven and cook for 20-30 min depending how thin you slice them the time will vary the thinner the faster

There you go! Sweet Potatoes for a week!

There you go JS no more fake ice cream!!!!

If you are going to eat it go for the real stuff on cheat day

**Update** February 2nd 2014
Practical application:
Didn’t slice them too thin so it took approx an hr to cook and I made a lot!!! About 8-10 medium sized potatoes


**Update** March 19th 2014
I have added a step to the recipe. Instead of spraying the foil with empty calorie coconut oil spray, I melted a couple tbsp of extra Virgin coconut oil and tossed potato slices in it then topped with cinnamon and baked.

According to Mike Dolce the head consultant for cutting weight in the UFC he says to increase your amount of healthy fats daily to cut weight and not rely too much on calorie counting. So; I am increasing my healthy fats with Coconut Oil (when applicable) and 1/4 Avocado each meal and still counting calories while carb cycling.

Here’s a perfect opportunity to add a couple tbsp of coconut oil to your diet! And it will make your sweet potatoes only yummier!


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