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Supplement Review: Myofiber – Fiber powered with CLA and Flax


About this item
Product Description
Myofiber is a complete whole food supplement that provides high quality fiber with key ingredients like essential fatty acids (omegas 3-6-9), CLA and nutrients such as flaxseed, psyllium husk and lecithin that assist with the body’s ability to break down body fat to get leaner and healthier from the inside out. Daily use of myofiber provides your body what you need to get healthy and stay healthy. Myofiber’s advanced digestive formula provides many benefits such as improving regularity and cleansing your digestive tract. It’s also a powerful aid for fat loss and weight loss because the fiber component fills you up and keeps you fuller longer, providing a sensation of fullness. Myofiber also slows the absorption of glucose (sugar) into the body. This means you’re going to avoid sugar highs and lows and be able to maintain stable blood sugar levels to support your dieting efforts. Myofiber also inhibits the re-absorption Bile, a fat emulsifier which helps to support lower blood-serum cholesterol levels.


I love this fiber!

Mixability 7/10 (best for fiber) very little residue in the glass
Grind: fine
Doesn’t clump and get all glumpy in your cup yuk!
Taste: 9/10 almost undetectable

At 6.5g of fiber per scoop it’s not bad!

It also contains:
Flax seed
And omegas 3,6,9!
This stuff rocks!


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