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IFBB vs WBFF is there even a comparison? No! Sick of the NPC/IFBB MONOPOLY? WBFF Seriously?? Read inside!

The WBFF is claiming:

Ok… Just when I think MAYBE we can all just grow up and move on, something gets brought to my attention by SEVERAL sources. And, since I am known for always bringing out the TRUTH? Well there was no way I would not bring this to everyones attention. I have written COUNTLESS times that I am a fan of the sport. A fan of the industry. I do NOT care if you compete in the WBFF, NPC, IFBB, CBBF, UFE, WNSO, FAME, or any of the COUNTLESS other organizations! NOT ALL PEOPLE BELONG IN THE SAME ORGANIZATION! PERIOD! We all are at different levels, have different physiques, do different things to achieve those physiques, etc. For any one organization to tell people that if you compete elsewhere then you are banned from that organization? Is one that is hiding SOMETHING! Flat out! No doubt in my head they are afraid people will find out that things are run better elsewhere, and since they are so used to running things like tyrants, they don’t want to hear peoples suggestions based on what they experienced elsewhere.

When you have one organization that wants to control an entire market, that is called a monopoly and historically, a monopoly usually doesn’t last forever. Sooner or later people get sick of having no choice. Of having to bow down to the rules made by a few who are power hungry. People get sick and tired of the politics and games played and favoritism and not being able to do a single thing about it. Well, I have news for the NPC and IFBB… they are NO LONGER the ONLY option for competitors. Let there be no doubt in your head… the IFBB… International Federation of BODYBUILDERS? They own bodybuilding! Absolutely! No argument here. When die hard fans want to see the human body pushed WAY past what it could be naturally? ABSOLUTELY the place to watch is IFBB. Hell if there is ever a chance for me to catch a show? I will in a heartbeat. Because I love it! I have FRIENDS in the IFBB. I’ve competed against guys in the IFBB. BUT… unfortunately the truth is that bodybuilding is not as popular as it has been in the past and that is because the ORGANIZATION kept rewarding the freakier physiques. As a result? The bodybuilders have lost fans, have lost endorsements to UFC fighters and football players and fitness models, and the sport has been thrown right back to where it started… as a carnival side show attraction. Hell even the Mr. Olympia went from the Mandalay Bay to the most run down hotel on the strip.

Besides bodybuilding however, all of the other divisions? Are nothing more than FILLER for the shows. They do next to nothing for any of the women. Even the pros. I do not see much happening for the physique competitors. Figure standards are a travesty. And they KILLED womens bodybuilding which is now in it’s final couple years and has already been pulled from the Arnold. Once again, is it the fault of the athlete? Not at all! One hundred percent the organization that kept rewarding the physiques that were extreme. And do they FIX a division in trouble?Of course not! They simply let it die and start a new division to take it’s place… physique.

When the WBFF started, we were ridiculed for having “model categories”! Who would want to see men in swimwear? Who would want to see women in costumes and gowns. Well… they say imitation is the best form of flattery, because as the WBFF has done something that NO other organization has ever done… become a legitimate threat to the IFBB, all of a sudden new divisions pop up which mimic ours but with different names. HOWEVER we aren’t just popular because of our divisions. It is also how we run them. How we market them. What we do for the athletes, etc. The IFBB and NPC does not seem to understand this, and that is why, again… these divisions are just FILLER in their bodybuilding shows.

In the WBFF, women are celebrated. The women divisions are the most POPULAR divisions and the most glamorous in the industry. I will point out however that there are some smaller organizations that DO understand how to market and take care of these divisions and they are experiencing great success. SO where we at the WBFF was the NPC/IFBB ONLY concern, NOW all of a sudden there are OTHER organizations threatening them also. WHY? Because people realize they have a choice!

Both myself and owner Paul Dillett will tell people all day every day… if you want to compete elsewhere? DO it! Hell we invite you to! Because we WANT you to know what WE know! And that is there is NO other organization quite like us. Again… if you find a fit elsewhere and that is where you would like to compete, and represent as a professional? I wish you all the luck in the world. Hell I myself have clients in almost every organization that there is around the world! I AM A FAN OF THE ATHLETE! I personally love and believe in the WBFF. The WBFF has been a perfect fit for me. And DO NOT think it is because I PLACE better here, because I actually PLACED better back when I was in the NPC. But that is what makes us different. It doesn’t matter WHERE you place! There is opportunity for everyone! Since in the WBFF? I myself have a monthly magazine column, have written close to 200 articles online, have had SEVERAL magazine covers, was cast in a HBO cable series Pilot, have been featured in many different magazines, and I have had features written about me on TWICE! When I was in the NPC I got… well… nothing besides my trophies. Kind of a no brainer there!

As the WBFF has become recognized as a legitimate organization in the industry, having athletes grace the covers of almost every industry magazine, plus NON industry magazines such as Playboy, FHM, Maxim, etc, the NPC/IFBB has almost made it their mission to bash us. YET… the more they bash us, the more popular we become because people are not stupid! They know that when you have someone bashing another, usually it’s because they are threatened or jealous. People SEE how glamorous our shows are. They see how many opportunities come our way, and they want to be a part of it! Can you blame them? In the beginning, the NPC/IFBB would try showing their power by working deals with our top athletes and taking them. Promising them pro cards, and delivering. Then soon after, burying them. Well, not anymore. People are on to the game. They are no longer leaving the WBFF for the IFBB. Just the opposite! Now men and women from the IFBB are jumping to the WBFF! Such legends as Monica Brant knows the shady games and politics that a monopoly plays so she came to the WBFF. SO have many others. This year at the World Championships we have 4 bodybuilders who have left the IFBB, and will be joining the WBFF. They recognize that the IFBB does absolutely NOTHING for them, and if the want opportunities, the WBFF is the way to go!

My main reason for writing this article? On facebook, regardless of organization, we are all in the same industry. We all have similar goals. We all support eachother. Hell, that will be the day that ANYONE is going to EVER tell me that I can’t support a friend or client or just be a fan of someone in another organization. Well, from so many different sources it’s ridiculous, a letter made it into my e-mail, and it was written by JM Manion and written to all FMG athletes and personnel. You can read the letter for yourself below, but the purpose of the letter? To THREATEN people who are “LIKING” or “SHARING” pictures or posts of non NPC/IFBB athletes. He is saying that they are NOT ALLOWED to LIKE a picture! AND if they are caught DOING so, they will be in Breach of Contract. Ok… flat out? GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

He even goes on further and says he doesn’t care if you are doing it to support a friend, or photographer, etc. Are you kidding me? It wasn’t long ago that internet sites like Sioux Country were threatened to no longer feature any NPC/IFBB pictures, or material since now only OFFICIAL websites are allowed to do so. Well now a similar letter has come out threatening athletes not to like or support any athlete or photographer that is in or works with another organization? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not liking a picture of an athlete from another organization. It’s called mutual respect. Or if I see a photographers picture and it’s beautiful, I am going to like it! I don’t care WHERE the subject competes if at all!

Uh… Mr. Manion? We are not like the NPC/IFBB. We never have been. We do not GO AFTER athletes like you have done to us (pathetically). Over and over Paul Dillett has wondered WHY they just don’t leave us alone. We do our own thing! Well the answer to that question is because we are successful, and they are going in reverse. Period. We are leading the industry in digital media, and they are still printing magazines that drop in numbers every year substantially. Which is the cause for the NEW monopoly they are attempting ONLINE by telling other sites that have supported them for YEARS that they can NO LONGER feature NPC/IFBB material. Funny thing? Our magazine which reaches over 2 million people worldwide which is FAR greater than ANY print magazine… is FREE! And anyone who would like to feature us on their sites? Go right ahead. WE WANT people to see the difference in the WBFF and it’s athletes! We have nothing to hide. No dirty little secrets we are trying to cover up.

People are fed up with monopolies. Even TEAMS in the NPC/IFBB that “GUARANTEE” placings and pro cards. People are sick of it! SO last month a we had around 10 members from one team alone leave the NPC/IFBB and join the WBFF. Hey, if you want to compete for an organization that is going to threaten you like that? Hell… go right ahead. I will still like your pictures even if you cannot like mine back because you are not ALLOWED to! BUT if you are fed up, and realize that people in charge of that organization have just gotten ridiculous with the power? Then feel free to check out our list of shows and give them a try. Or hey, MAYBE the WBFF isn’t for you. Ok fine… the at least do your research and find one that IS FOR YOU! But remember… you DO have a choice!

This Is admirable at the least however, the standards are off. If you are going up against a giant, you have to have an equalizer! If they have a tank, you have a tank. If they have a Nuke, you have a Nuke! The way to separate yourself is have something they don’t! Oh, you have a Nuke! We have a disintegration ray! Oh we don’t have that exactly!

But, if they have a nuke and you have a tank and you rename your tank a nuke they will just laugh at you!

What am I talking about? I am specifically talking about Women’s Physique!

The WBFF has:
Pro Fitness Champion – which sets it self apart

However; Andreia Brazier Claims to be a Physique Athlete – now she is lining herself up with the IFBB categories! And not pro fitness Champion!

That brings comparison!

This is not anything against Andreia! She is gorgeous! And nearly perfect!

However; see below!

-pic from shirocp on Pixsta

On the left is WBFF Andreia Brazier on the Right is IFBB Dana Linn Bailey
There is no comparison!

Dana is an Animal and rightfully deserves the Title of Physique! She is awesome! And gorgeous!!








Would Andreia Brazier even place in the IFBB Physique…No!

Now lets put her down a level in the IFBB Figure Category would she win?
That one you would have to call!

I would say yes!
But definitely not Physique!

The WBFF should have stepped in and said listen you can’t use the word physique! And this would have stopped the comparison!

Does it discredit the WBFF in this instance yes! It makes them look fools against the IFBB!

Does it take away the hard work and dedication their athletes have? Not at all! Does comparing themselves to the IFBB discredit them? YES ABSOLUTELY!!



Does Bellator compare themselves with the UFC? NO! They just do their thing!!

Does the public compare? Yes they do! But they enjoy both!

If you are going to compete with the IFBB then you are going to have to match tank to tank and nuke to nuke not tank to nuke!

Or like I said above; make a disintegration ray and call it such! If the IFBB comes out with a laser gun don’t compare your ray to their gun! Stay apart! Do your thing!

This is actually a hidden article on business tips!

**Update** March 19th 2014

I got a comment on Instagram from WBFF Pro Krystal K_Fitcoach

She agreed but added the WBFF stays more naturally with muscle on like a women should look.

My response to that is:
What “should a women look like” is a “butch lesbian” (I use this term not in a derogatory way just as a popular reference that the public knows) any less a women then a Victoria Secret model? Is Mama June less a women than Lolo Jones? If it’s by pure poundage then definitely no!

The beauty about this world is there are many different body types to suit your desire and please your self-image! I’m sure DLB looks in the mirror and sees parts of her body she thinks are too small. I’m sure Cory Everson, Lenda Murray and other thought they were too small and wanted to be bigger! So like I said, I challenge you to define what a women should look like! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

To All of you D&D nerds not this beholder! 👇

LMFAO! I’m a D&D nerd too, so that’s a salute to us hehe 💪


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  1. My name is Tania, I have been reading what u said about IFBB and I totally agree and I have so much to tell. I love this sport I left my family for this. Most of my family don’t talk to me and I get horrible messages from my parents side of family. But regardless of all I am still going strong and I got no choice but to compete with them. But I that I know WBFF is they watch me on a stage. I don’t care if my family is Muslim or any treats I get from the community. I love competing and that’s my dream.

    January 10, 2018 at 7:06 AM

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