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Supplement Review: Krave Bars – Raw Protein Bars – taste of homemade



Ok I received 2 Krave bars yesterday, but I couldn’t eat them, because they were frozen.

It just so happens that a couple days ago I purchased a ABSOLUTELY NASTY Apple Pie Quest bar, so I will be preliminarily match these up right now! I will be eating the Krave later before I go to the gym.

Ok here we go!
The NASTY Quest has 170 calories and it’s 60g

The Krave (unknown taste) has 245 calories, but it’s 70g not a good start but lets do the math and see exactly home much it’s worse off from the Quest.

Quest: 170c / 60 = 2.83 calories a gram
Krave: 245c / 70 = 3.5 calories a gram

Not too good to start off! So lets break down the ingredients to see what the difference is and see why there’s a 75 calorie difference.

Ingredients Quest:
Protein blend (whey isolate, milk isolate) isomalto-Oligosaccharides (100% natural prebiotic fiber) almonds, water, apples, natural flavors, sea salt, Cinnamon, Lo Han Guo, Sucralose (Splenda)

Ok well first off WTF is Lo Han Guo? Lets google it!! It’s not the bad guy from big trouble in little China that’s Lo Pan, so WTF is Lo Han Guo?

Monk fruit in English (why didn’t they call it that)
Siraitia grosvenorii is an herbaceous perennial vine of the Cucurbitaceae (gourd) family, native to southern China and northern Thailand. The plant is cultivated for its fruit, whose extract is nearly 300 times sweeter than sugar and has been used in China as a natural low-calorie sweetener for cooling drinks, and in traditional Chinese medicine to treat diabetes and obesity.

Ok so it’s a natural sugar additive.
Sea salt? Why?? Most people that eat these are on a cutting diet and are avoiding salt, because it retains water hence the differences in Quest and Krave: Quest 350mg sodium vs Krave’s 220mg sodium

1 huge point Quest, 1 little point Krave

Lets go on…

Ingredients Krave:
Protein blend (whey isolate, milk isolate) blue agave inulin (100% natural prebiotic fiber) all natural peanut butter, purified water, dried natural apples, pecans, cinnamon, Erythritol. Contains less than 1% sea salt, natural flavors, Sucralose.

Ok so we found the culprit of the extra calories!! Peanut butter! That’s not really bad, but for a cutting bar I suggest Krave replace it! But, it does taste good my favorite thing on the planet lol! Especially since you already have the pecans why another nut.

Ok so there is sea salt, but less than 1% keeping the salt level lower than the Quest. I would just omit it.

Now lets see Sucralose vs Erythritol.

To Your Health
By James Heffley, Ph.D.
Q. My favorite yogurt now has erythritol as the main sweetener. Is this a natural sweetener, and how does it compare in safety to sucralose?
A. Unless a big price hike accompanied the change, replacing sucralose with erythritol is likely to be to your advantage. Sucralose, marketed as Splenda, is being criticized because its slogan that it is “made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar” leaves the impression that it is a natural sugar. It isn’t. It does not occur in nature but is made by treating sugar with chlorine, which prevents the body from burning it for energy. Because it tastes 600 times sweeter than sugar, very little is needed to obtain the same sweetness as table sugar. There are questions about its safety but no evidence of problems if it is used in reasonable amounts.

The ideal artificial sweetener would taste like sugar and be as sweet as sugar with no calories and no aftertaste. It would also dissolve easily in water, be stable when heated, not promote tooth decay, and be safe and economical to use. Erythritol seems to meet all these goals except the price.

Erythritol is a natural sweetener, found in fruit such as grapes, melons, and pears. Our diet typically supplies 50-100 milligrams of erythritol per day, which doesn’t account for much sweetness. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol like sorbitol and some other sugar substitutes, but the molecule is smaller, with four carbons instead of six. Unlike sorbitol, erythritol does not provoke diarrhea or other stomach problems because it is easily absorbed. The big attraction of erythritol is that it is excreted in urine relatively unchanged, rather than being used for energy, so it contributes only 5% of the calories that the same amount of table sugar would supply. Erythritol is about 70% as sweet as table sugar so it takes a little more erythritol to have a food that tastes as sweet as ordinary sugar. At its present price, that makes erythritol about 50 times more expensive to use as table sugar. The price will probably come down some as it becomes more available. In 2004 the first plant in the U.S. to make erythritol from corn was built in Nebraska, which will probably help to bring the price down. Blending erythritol with other low-calorie sweeteners has the advantage of lowering the price of the mixture while improving the total sweetness and still having fewer calories.

Although it is possible that it reduces the absorption of boron, a trace mineral that has considerable effect on calcium metabolism, erythritol has been used in Japan with no problems for about 20 years and is presently on the “Generally Recognized as Safe” list in the U.S. Because it takes 800 times as much erythritol to equal the sweetness provided by sucralose, it is necessary for erythritol to be very safe indeed.

If you are using erythritol or any artificial sweetener in an attempt to lose weight, you should be aware that such foods increase the appetite in some people. It is not clear which hormones are involved, but apparently trying to “fool” the brain with artificial sweeteners tends to increase carbohydrate cravings. The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume, either by increasing physical activity or consuming fewer calories, or (preferably) both.

Ok, so you see using Erythritol as a base is better and safer.

1 huge point Quest, 2 little points Krave

If Krave removed the peanut butter it would be a hands down victory for Krave! But right now it’s a tie!

Lets look at their choice of nuts (minus the pb)

Quest: Almonds
Krave: Pecans

Another obvious poor choice by Krave and another reason Quest has less calories

Lets look at almonds vs walnuts

Walnuts have more calories mostly due to the larger increase in fat. Why so fatty lets look:

Healthy Fats
Almonds, walnuts and pecans have 14 to 21 grams of total fat in a 1-ounce serving, but 84 percent of their fat consists of healthy unsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol. Almonds and pecans contain mostly monounsaturated fats. Walnuts are different because they have a large percentage of polyunsaturated fats, which includes omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation. Just 1 ounce of walnuts has 2.6 grams, or more than 100 percent of the daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids.
Wow 1 ounce of walnuts have have more than 100 percent daily intake of Omega 3’s

There’s the wiser choice if I was Krave I would switch to Walnuts!

Ok so basically it’s a close here: better ingredients or less calories.

Quest: 1 huge point 1 little point, Krave 2 little points

Unfortunately, we are in the game of losing weight I would take less calories! If Krave changed to walnuts and dropped the peanut butter then it would come down to taste and they would have the benefits of better ingredients.

However; how much better tasting is the Krave because I will not have the Quest Apple Pie ever again!

There are only a few good tasting quest bars: chocolate chip cookie dough is ok and white chocolate Raspberry is amazing but really chewy and thick moldable like modeling clay! Yuk!

The Kraves are moldable, but much much softer! Another point for Krave!

Quest: 1 huge point, 1 little point, Krave 3 little points

Oh wait hold the phone! We forgot, low carb diet!! What are the carbs?
Quest 6g net carbs
Krave 4g net carbs

Point Krave! So what’s the tally!

Quest: 1 Huge point, one little point, Krave 1 big point, 3 little points

Now we are dead even!
It allll comes down to taste! Is Krave better or do they both suck evenly?

Now keep in mind if they take my advice here’s the tally:
Quest and Krave
calories: even
Less Net Carbs: Krave
Mold-ability: Krave (softer)
Better ingredients: Krave
Omega 3’s: Krave
Less Sodium: Krave

At that point who cares about taste! Hands down Krave!

But!!!!! We aren’t there, so it’s a tie!
Stay tuned for the taste test!

I have to switch my meals up! I have to run somewhere, so I just ate the Krave!!

OMG!! It’s amazing!! Just as good as one of mine!!

Soft! Delicious!! The apples are tender and real! And when you bite into them they still have the soft liquid texture of an apple!

Krave Rating:
Smell: 9/10 (like homemade)
Taste: 10/10 (first ever 10/10 for a supplement!)
Texture: 7/10 (it is what it is low carb!)
Calories: 8/10

Quest Rating:
Smell 7/10 (no real smell)
Taste: 2/10 Fuckin Yuk!
Texture: 2/10 it’s edible modeling clay!
Calories: 10/10 lowest on the market!

I would definitely eat one of these happily again! But if I were them I would still tweak the bar with my suggestions!

Unfortunately, in the diet game:
Hardcore Athletes like myself eat a lot of things we don’t enjoy, because of the healthy benefits!

I absolutely hate canned tuna, yet on a diet it’s a daily staple for me: to all you watch the mercury HUSH! I take a heavy metal cleanse and drink lemon water daily.

To those of you in transition to a healthy lifestyle and training yourselves to eat healthy and make wise choices: this is absolutely the bar for you!

For the super obese people who want to make the change to healthy, but can’t give up on taste this is the bar that will absolutely change your life!

Give up the chips, the donuts, cookies etc and grab a couple of these a day.

For the parents and semi-educated individuals that buy cereal bars and unnatural granola bars (sugary chocolate coated and chemically enhanced) thinking they are doing good: throw that crap out and put one of these in your kids lunch box instead! Trust me you will see a difference in your body and your child’s with that alone!

Stay tuned for the Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch.

Quest has many Peanut Butter flavors including the worst bar they make: Peanut Butter Supreme which I got a few days ago without reading the label 😳

Just had the Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch. It was great! Way better than any Quest! Rich taste and way softer than a Quest. M

The Apple Pie was actually my favorite it was light and refreshing and that’s coming from a Peanut Butter junkie!

Not better than my 2 homemade bars, but when I am lazy and don’t want to make them I would definitely grab one of these!!

I just gave the juice bar at la Fitness a piece and the wrapper, so she can order them! If I was in a jam and had to pick one and a Quest and Krave were side by side I would grab a Krave! If they take my advice about, I wouldn’t even think twice about having 2 a day instead of one!


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