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Space the Final Frontier: is Heaven Space itself? *

(This is an article in progress I wrote this at 4:30-455am est as I woke out of a dream, it may be just rambling, do not attack it, as it isn’t done. I had to post this just in case I upon realizing this, don’t wake from my sleep to finish it! I hope I have many many many more years to live and work on this piece, but just in case I posted it.)

Space the final frontier

Maybe space is heaven and only with its exploration can we truly understand our existence. We know there are different solar systems, there are different dimensions and we know that space is vast! Maybe when we die we are born into another system or another dimension. Maybe we are not meant to travel to far off places, but just to know that when we die that is where we go and that knowing that is life everlasting.

What is life? Life is energy. We have our physics: An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

the energy doesn’t dissipate, more energy is applied to it. Maybe when we die and that energy leaves our body; it carries on through space and time into another dimension and another solar system.

So you see there is life out there! It is human life! It’s our loved ones! It’s us!

(Ps I realized this in a dream and when I awoke I had to write it down)

This is the first Christmas without my Mother maybe it’s her gift to Us or maybe it’s God’s gift to Us!

You see we all believe in religion except atheists, but what if every religion is right? Wouldn’t the above article apply to them all? We are reincarnated into another dimension or solar system (Hinduism check) God or Allah built Earth and Space (Catholic/Christian/Muslim check) Scientology is on the right track, but it’s not aliens out there, it’s our loved ones (Scientology check)

The reason we can’t get to another galaxy far far away is because we haven’t died yet, because that’s where we go when we die. (Being one with the Earth and the Universe – Shinto/Taoism Check) (being a warrior in another Universe – Vikings Norse check)

What if in the future one of our satellites reaches another galaxy and shows our children’s, children’s, children pictures of Celebrities of the past such as Elvis, the rat pack, maybe former Presidents or even Ghandi or Mother Teresa

Maybe it’s not our destiny to reach those places while we are alive, but to just know that’s where we go! Enlightenment! (Buddhism check)

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