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Time to watch WWE again! The Animal Batista returns! Batista warns John Cena of his return!


The Animal Dave Batista returns to the WWE January 20th 2014!



The most dominant badass in the sport finally returns to give John Cena a run for his money!
Batista returning to WWE before ‘Royal Rumble’, let ‘Wrestlemania’ speculation begin
By Chris E. Hayner | December 23, 2013 9:15 PM ET

After a ticketing website accidentally let word slip over the weekend, WWE let the cat out of the bag during “RAW” on Monday (Dec. 23). Dave Bautista, who wrestled for the company as Batista, is set to return to professional wrestling on January 20.

His return will come one week before the “Royal Rumble,” which should immediately launch speculation that he’ll be winning the battle royal and appearing in the main event of “Wrestlemania XXX.” It’s a strange time for Batista to make his return, considering he is about to reach new heights in his career as one of the stars of Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” in which he plays Drax the Destroyer.

Of course, it’s not the first instance of a wrestler-turned-movie star returning to WWE for “Wrestlemania.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has done it the last three years, once as host and twice for matches.

Batista is a former six-time world champion for WWE, who first debuted with the company in 2002 before leaving in 2010 to pursue acting and MMA fighting.

Batista finally realized he sucked at MMA (he’s too old) and he wanted to continue making the huge bucks! Wise choice! We all miss you! WWE has truly sucked since you were gone!

However, as a fighter Pictured above: he looks leaner, meaner with a lot less mass! Will he look like a baby in the WWE with all the monsters? Will he be the same old Animal? In that picture he looks to be the same size as Randy Orten.

If he is the same size (but more ripped) as Randy Orten can he hang with the massive John Cena?

Will Batista come back larger than ever?

Stay tuned and lets find out!


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