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Supplement Review: Protizyme: specialized designer protein by Metabolic Nutrition


Dedicated to manufacturing high quality nutritional supplements, backed by scientific research and formulated by a medical doctor, Metabolic Nutrition® was the first to introduce a specialized designed protein to the marketplace.

Protizyme’s 10x ultra-microfiltered process preserves the essential protein-peptide, structure which delivers greater concentrations of amino acids, glutamine and BCAA’s. Each gram of protein in Protizyme is coated with only the most potent digestive enzymes…dramatically increasing digestion and absorption, therefore eliminating gas and bloating.

Protizyme is fortified with 24 essential vitamins and minerals, providing optimal nutritional benefit absent in other proteins. Additionally, Protizyme contains the highest levels of bioactive protein fractions and immunoglobulins to improve immune function, support intestinal health and promote a greater sense of well being. Lastly, Protizyme contains the exclusive, ultra-powerful ingredient TAG (Trans-Alanyl-Glutamine), the world’s only “Muscle Targeted Glutamine”…which boosts your body’s rate for muscle recovery and repair by over 425%!

Protizyme is suitable for all: low-carbohydrate, low-fat, low-glycemic, reduced calorie, gluten free, and diabetic diets…as well as, a good food supplement for Bariatric or post surgical patients.

Cake batter:
Smell 9/10 smelled like cake batter but up close smelled of chemicals
Mixability 9/10
Taste 7/10 wasn’t great wouldn’t like a whole tub!

At 126 calories compared to ETB’s 110
I would stick with ETB!

Stay tuned for banana creme!
The banana creme had a sweet banana smell and definitely tasted of banana

Same numbers as above. Not sure if I want a whole tub of banana creme!
They both smelled and mixed very well! I want to get my hands on other flavors! So I will leave this post open.

**Update** January 6th 2013
As I expected I absolutely loved the peanut butter cookie!!

Mixability 9/10
Smell 9/10
Taste 9/10
I would definitely take a tub of this!

I’m about to have chocolate Cake in 6 min!

Mixability 8/10 minor clumping
Smell 9/10
Taste 9.5/10

Slightly behind the best tasting chocolate protein! Isofusion by Gaspari

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