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Restaurant Review: Al-Amana grill, deli & bakery – Rockaway, NJ





Chicken kabob platter with salad and homemade hummus

Lamb kabob (halal) platter with salad and hummus
Both were amazing and at $6.99 each I would take that all day every day and twice on Sunday!

Fresh, homemade, natural, gluten free, low carb and delicious!

Check out the menu, everything is cheap! They also sell dry goods in the front. Nuts, spices and normal middle eastern stuff like tahini, halva and baklava

They just has their grand opening.

It’s right across the street from Nutrition Zone – Rockaway, NJ
Check it out when you are in the area!! You won’t be disappointed!

Went again, I talked to the owner and she is from Egypt. The food was excellent once again! I got the mixed lamb/beef kabob and the same sides as above.


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