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Product Review: Gear Gear – Flexsolate Straps

Flexsolate offers an amazing new technology that makes getting into shape and developing your body easier than ever before. The key is in the Grip-Free Cuffs. These cuffs allow the user to isolate targeted muscles while reducing the involvement of secondary muscles, during workout. Testing using the latest EMG equipment showed an increase in muscle activity. Now you may achieve your best workout in less time and with superior results, than ever before.

The Complete Flexsolate Package includes; one set of Flexsolate Grip-Free Cuffs, the DVD with an introduction by former Mr. Universe, Gunter Schlierkamp, and world-renown trainer Charles Glass, showing more than 40 exercises, and a fold out chart listing several of the exercises on the DVD, for use in the gym or at home.

General Questions about Flexsolate Straps

What exactly is their purpose?
The purpose of the Flexsolate Grip Free Isolation Straps is to eliminate the superfluous use of muscles through the use of our revolutionary grip free approach to lifting. Each exercise is intended to isolate a specific muscle or muscles to be worked. The use of additional muscles not involved in this isolated group detracts from the objective and substantially diminishes the end result. The Flexsolate Grip Free Isolation Straps make it possible to do exactly what each exercise intended.

How can I benefit from using them?
If you lift weights to stay fit and/or build muscle, the Flexsolate Grip Free Isolation Straps may help you accomplish your objective! The grip free technology introduced by Flexsolate, makes it possible to stay fit and build muscle more precisely and in less time than ever before.

How are they different from other lifting straps?
Flexsolate Grip Free Isolation Straps introduce a brand new technology to weightlifting, changing it from the old pulling method to a powerful new pushing technique that allows for the direct isolation of the muscles being addressed.

What types of equipment can they be used on?
Flexsolate has made it easy for these straps to be used with virtually any piece of equipment on the market from those using bars to cable based and pulley based equipment.

These straps rock! However; do not over rely on them or it will weaken your grip! What these straps do is isolate the muscles my taking the grip out of the equation.

I love them for face pulls (high back rows)

They are also good for lay pulldowns to get an extra squeeze!

I also like bicep curls and triceps push downs

It comes with a DVD that has over 40 exercises! Check it out! If you ever get a chance to use a pair, you will buy them and keep them in your gym bag I promise you!

Maybe ill post pics using them


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