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Recipe: Crockpot – Low Carb Mustard Balsamic Chicken with Veggies

2lbs Chicken cut into cubes
1tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup mustard (Dijon)
1/4tbsp black pepper
1-2tbsp honey (optional)

Veggies: for today I chose:
Yellow and orange bell pepper

To sacrifice a little taste, but achieve ultra low carbness eliminate the honey, use crappy yellow mustard such as French’s which has 0 carbs!

Most grocery stores sell already diced up veggies in different configurations for stir-fry, soups or other applications. They cost more obviously, but sometimes are worth it especially if you are only making one recipe.

Slice up veggies and Dump all ingredients in a crockpot mix (with your clean hands) and cook on low 4-4.5hrs

All the professional chefs can f?!k off! I don’t ever add salt! It causes fluid retention and high blood pressure! There are ways to get sodium that is naturally occurring in the foods we eat. For example: I am not making the Dijon myself, so I am sure there’s a bunch of salt in there. If there are no sources of salt/sodium in your ingredients use only sea salt (Himalayan salt etc)

Here’s a salt challenge for you!
Do not add any salt to any food you eat for a week! Then eat Friendship red label cottage cheese everyday for a week!

Then abruptly stop and buy any other cottage cheese such as normal Breakstones! I guarantee you will immediately taste the salt only and spit it out! Then wash your mouth out with lemon water or something and then go back to the friendship and you will be amazed that you actually taste cheese!

I have to give props to Kleio Valentien for this recipe, because hers looks amazing.

When cooking in a crockpot you will not get the caramelization like that (pictured above) so when you reheat this meal, reheat it in a frying pan and not the microwave to achieve that. In the crockpot slow cooked however; you will achieve the tenderness and the meat just crumbling apart at the slightest touch.


Fresh out of the pot!

I like it but I would double the mustard for a more pungent taste

**Update** December 30th 2013
I doubled the mustard and added a drizzle of fig balsamic glaze, both to thicken the sauce

I also added carrots and celery plus 2 bell peppers



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