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Supplement Review: Xenedrine XT Xtreme

Coming Soon!

**Update** December 20th 2013
Stay tuned tomorrow for review!

**Update** December 21st 2013
Took 2 in the morning no rush no jitters, just good clean energy. I had a rough time trying to wake up today and once I forced myself to take them, I woke up with good clean energy. The next test is the 2nd dose at 2pm. Will it be too strong? Will it not allow me to sleep tonight? We will see!

**Update** December 22nd 2013
I took the 2 morning pills and not a problem, but once I take the two afternoon pills I feel like total shit! It’s way too strong! Makes me jittery, my weak arm shakes, mild headache around 6-8pm and post workout I just feel totally shitty!

Thank God tomorrow I will be returning to Super Slim 7!!


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