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Supplement Review: MHP Paleo Protein – Beef & Egg White Protein

The big pending question: Will Paelo Protein (beef & egg) give you the beefy burps like Muscle Meds Carnivor

This is a historic post! It’s our 417th post and currently we have over 99k total views!

But this is where it all started!
The first ever post for was: Muscle Meds Carnivor!
And the product sucked! Lol will Paleo Protein redeem the benefit of beef based protein powder in place of Whey!

Stay tuned for the historic review!

It tastes like crap!! Yuk! Not as bad as Carnivor, but bad enough for me to stick with ETB and say screw this! Yuk! Luckily no yucky beef tasting burps! It’s just a tad better than Carnivor, but not good enough for me to buy a whole jug of it!!

I’m going off on a rant again!
Keep in mind that any review in life is subjective! What one person hates another might love! So, don’t always take my word (or anyone’s) make up your own mind and share it (that’s why there’s a comment section feel free to comment and share on any topic) take movies as an example! If all the critics hate it, I usually like it! Lol


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