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Restaurant Review: Lucy and Ethel’s Luncheonette – Bloomingdale, NJ

It’s holiday season and Lucy and Ethel are baking up their AMAZING pies once again! A local treasure is being divulged to all of you right now!

It’s too late to order for thanksgiving, but Christmas is coming!




They must be preordered and 2 pies cost me $39 I ordered a pumpkin and a plain apple! (Both pictured above)

For Christmas I will order an apple crumb (pictured above) and a coconut custard!

Their pies and loaves are to die for! I have had authentic Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish Apple pies and Lucy and Ethel’s are just as good! As far as I know, this is the only place you can get this quality in NJ! These ladies are amazing!

The apple pie must weigh close to 4-5lbs!

I can’t wait for tomorrow my cheat day!!

Happy Holidays!

Oh the pies were so good! I ate almost the whole pumpkin pie myself!


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