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Restaurant Review: Sweet Tomatoes – Orlando FL

I wish to God there was a Sweet Tomatoes in NJ! **Pay attention corporate!!**




In a land where fitness and healthy eating thrives (NJ) this place would rock!


Soup, salad, some (Elios frozen like pizza) and good desserts!

If you want a healthy cheap meal! Head to sweet tomatoes! Make a healthy veggie salad (with meat aka protein! of course for us fitness freaks 😉) and stay away from the dessert and pizza lol

There’s also a full nutrition guide online! To help you log your meals and track your caloric intake! (Remember to check the livestrong my plate article here)

This is a great place to go!

They even serve breakfast on Sunday!!

Join us every Sunday from 9 to noon for our Sunday morning menu! Featuring scrambled eggs, waffles, biscuits & gravy, oatmeal, potatoes o’brien, freshly baked cinnamon chip biscuits, muffins, make-your-own breakfast burritos, and more! All this in addition to our expansive salad and soup bars.
Hope to see you soon!

Oh and the waitresses are young, very cute and perky and they have sweet tomatoes ( . )( . ) 😱 😍 (I think that’s where the name came from and not the salad bar 😱)


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