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Supplement Review: Quest Cravings Protein Peanut Butter Cups – Epic F?!king Fail!!


Thinking of satisfying a peanut butter urge while getting 20g of Protein? Think again! This is the biggest piece of crap epic fail ever!!


Try taking a scoop of chocolate peanut butter protein mix…

(Dramatic pause)

And just stuff the fuckin scoop in your mouth! Try eating that dry protein!! That’s like eating these cups! It tastes like dry fuckin protein powder! Nasty!!!

I want to know who the marketing guys are who released this product! They should be fired!! Who the fuck ate one of these and said yes let’s mass produce those!

The sad part is there’s probably quite a few people!

Probable scenario:
There’s the guy who made them (chemist) who pitched it to the owner/president and he probably shared it with the 2nd in charge, who also shared it with marketing. Are you telling me none of them spoke up and said this is a disgustingly dry, hard to eat nasty peanut butter cup! Oh but it has 20g of protein oh that changes everything release the nasty crap!

Wtf c’mon! No one spoke up! You should have tried a pack of Atkins peanut butter cups (they rock) you could have reverse engineered them then added protein and I’m sure they would have tasted much better!

This coming from a peanut butter junkie! If you said hey I got these peanut butter covered cockroaches so you want them? I might seriously think about it! But this crap!! I won’t eat! I like to live! Thank God I was in the car and had a gallon of water next to me! If I was walking around and didn’t have water it might have been a problem! It’s that dry!

Do not buy these!!! Unless you are going to blend them into a shake… Wait a min they make protein powder for that. Do not buy these!!!

I gave them a second chance!
Fucking nasty! Hard chewy dog bone tasting (yes I ate dog treats before… Don’t ask lol) nasty ass, money wasting protein bar! Yuk!

I do have to say the quest bars are starting to grow on me a little! The chocolate chip cookie dough and white chocolate raspberry are decent but I still hate the nutrex like chewy bars!

**Update** January 28th 2014
The PB cups still suck! But I got the new Cookies and Creme Quest bar and it isn’t bad! But it’s not the healthiest bar like they says it was going to be!



One response

  1. Natalie Nicks

    I feel the exact same, pb cups taste like dry powder/sawdust. And the texture of their bars is absolutely dreadful, I have to ball it up and heat it to even get it down. Guess noone else would speak up, kudos.

    July 18, 2016 at 10:47 AM

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