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Product Review: Mobility Tools – Everlast Foam Roller (the Grid knockoff)

I got it on Groupon and the deal wasn’t bad. It is much cheaper than the original Grid (you are paying for the name) Everlast is a fitness (boxing) company that has been around forever, so you know they will make a quality product.

Just because its foam doesn’t mean it’s soft! This thing feels like a rock under my back! I would not know it is foam! With my upper body size there is a lot of weight coming down on that thing and so far it held up.

I ran it under my back a few times and tonight I will do my back and my lats because today is back day at the gym.

I ran it under my thighs and hip for the IT band stretch and let me tell you, it was excruciatingly painful! It felt like I kept giving myself a Charlie horse!

Well I’m off to the gym so keep in touch and lets see how it works!

Remember to purchase Becoming a supple leopard and use it for beginner, intermediate and advances moves and don’t forget to get a lacrosse ball and add that to the mix. If you are short on time do one day with the ball and the next with the roller. It can’t hurt! Well it does hurt, it can’t be detrimental how’s that.

**Update** December 27th 2013
I love this roller!! At 290 lbs it held string under me without cracking! I am now 260 and use it at least 1-2times a week! I haven’t had back pain in a while! When I get discomfort I roll on it, my back cracks and off I go feeling like a million bucks! When I first got it I had to use it daily! Now I just do maintenance rolls! Usually the day before and day after a back workout.


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