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Supplement Review: Muscle Monster – Energy & Protein (I can’t believe I forgot to post this months ago)


Muscle Monster contains:
15oz can=25g of protein from skim milk <calcium caseinate,
Calories: 200,
Fat: 4g,
Cholesterol: 15mg,
Potassium: 490mg,
Total Carbs: 20g, Sugar: 17g

I had the vanilla and it was pretty good! Tastes like an RTD and you can't tell it has energy in it. But the 157mg of caffeine will hit you!

What would be the proper application of this shake? Directly after your weight lifting routine and before your cardio session! I would drink it and wait 15 min , maybe go to the bathroom then workout so the caffeine has a chance to go through your system or start drinking it when you have 15 min left in your workout.

Utilize them in your workout and reap the benefits!


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