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Supplement Review: Cycle 4 by 4 Dimension Nutrition – fat burner (reader requested review)

I have been asked to review this product. Against my better judgment, I have agreed to do it! This stuff scares me! With 5 stimulants plus an adrenalin releaser it’s got my heart and liver crying and me shaking in my boots! If I survive you will see if it worked!

Got the bottle today! Wish me luck tomorrow! I hope my heart doesn’t explode and I die in a pool of my own blood!

One thing about supplements they aren’t regulated, so you don’t actually know what’s in them! They can put proprietary blend 1500mg and it be 1,000 mg of ginger and 50 milligrams of each stimulant which is nothing. You just don’t know! Am I truly scared not really, well maybe!

Maybe this will be the pill that rivals the original Stacker 2 or the absolutely crazy Yellow Jackets that had: Caffeine, Ephedrine and aspirin plus: citrus aurantium, kola nut extract, ginseng, ginger root and capsicum

Stay tuned till tomorrow! Ps if I die you will know because the site will go dormant! Lol

I should make my own fat burner called cardiac arrest! Make the pills black with white skull and crossbones on it! Ill put in every fat burning ingredient known to man!

Cardiac Arrest – fat incinerator
Our tagline is: nothing is skinnier than a skull and crossbones!

Warning: heart may explode if you do not follow directions! If you are over the age of 50 you will die! If you are pregnant your baby will gut punch you from the inside for being stupid and taking this! Please use precaution! Consult a physician before starting any exercise plan and if you plan on still taking these pills consult a psychiatrist.

Omg they beat me to it! These pills are black! Why did I expect this? Omg you have to see this! Individuals who exceed the recommended serving or consume caffeine with this product may experience serious adverse health effects, including muscle function loss, chills, and Vertigo! Are you Fuckin kidding me!! I love that Alfred Hitchcock movie! But I don’t want Fuckin Vertigo!! Wish me luck!

I took one this morning and honestly I didn’t feel anything. The real test is when I take the second one! Will it drive me crazy and turn me into the great cornholio?


Am I going to start shaking and muttering and talking to myself? Stacker 2 used to do that to me minus the talking to myself lol.

**Update** October 4th 2013
I can’t sleep with this stuff!! I fell asleep during the NY Rangers hockey game (horrible opening day loss) for about an hour and now I am wide awake at 4am! Ugh!!! This stuff sucks! I hope it’s actually working! Well, I am going to try to sleep again! First, I have to pee lol at least I don’t have to wake up to pee! (Because I NEVER sleep!)

**Update** October 7th 2013
Can’t sleep again!! Passed out at 10 up at 11 and now up all night again going to try and go to bed again! This is also the first fat burner that I don’t dare drink a monster with! Normally if say I go out on the weekend, I will have a monster at say 10pm to fuel the night. Not with this stuff!!

Can’t sleep again!!

The last 2 days I was running around and couldn’t take my second dosage, by the time I could it was 4pm, I definitely didn’t want to be up till 6am! So I had one serving and a Monster, and I slept like a baby!
**Note* this stuff has no appetite suppressant and I am hungry and having bad sugar cravings.

**Update** October 12th 2013
I woke up a little early and took my pill, then I took my second as scheduled and at 4pm I need a nap before the gym. I’m lying here with no energy. I go to the gym late at 6 with no energy! I need a Monster energy drink! Please I don’t want vertigo!!

**Update** post workout still the 12th
The Monster hit the spot! Luckily no vertigo!

**Update** October 15th 2013
What’s going on now:
I have never taken illegal drugs so the following is by hearsay:

my body is turning into that of a junkie! What do I mean by that? The junkie takes drugs and gets high then it gets harder and harder to get high and it calls for higher doses to achieve the same high.

What made my blood pressure rise and made me hyper and active now has me tired and non-motivated.

I can feel my body calling for a Monster before I workout! Ugh! Not looking forward to fish for dinner! Yuk! 😖😝

I liked this fat burner, but as I stated I became a junkie and needed more and more caffeine to function I was using 2 pills and a monster a day or on a military day 2 pills and 2 monsters a day! That’s not safe for your heart and blood pressure and I do not recommend doing that!

I have since switched to Super slim 7 and the to Xenedrine XT, the Xenedrine was too strong at the recommended 4 pill dose and too weak at 3 pills. The Super slim 7 gives me steady energy all day long at 3 pills I love it! Reminds me of Super HD but it contains the ingredients of Super HD and CLK combined at a cheaper price!


2 responses

  1. Kayla

    Thanks for doing the review 🙂 … I just don’t see to many results on this sup.

    September 19, 2013 at 11:37 PM

    • Then why did you ask me to try it lol

      September 19, 2013 at 11:57 PM

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