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Product Review: Mobility Tools – Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots (I invented a Teeter Party)


STL Sl Spyder Gravity Boots provide an ankle-conforming fit through two “fine-tuning” buckles with micro-adjusting ratchets which fit the exact size and taper of your ankle.
Features & details
Boot straps adjust to ankles varying several inches in diameter
Removable calf loops add comfort by placing a two-degree bend in the knees to help reduce load

Manufactured of a tough yet pliable blend of Du Pont Hytrel

Ok first off I have used inversion boots many years ago and these boots are much higher quality and much more comfortable then the old school versions.

A couple noticeable differences, the old ones the hook used to be on the back of the ankle which made you lift your legs over the bar to hook on and threw you more off balance to hook on, but you swung a little less then you do here, because the hook is behind you when doing sit-ups. I much rather have this design then the rear hook!!

Furthermore, the calf loop is awesome! It takes all the tension off your ankle and distributes it on your calves. That’s very awesome! You don’t feel tension in your Achilles’ tendon.

Now to ease of use. For a little guy it’s not a problem they jump around like spider monkeys! Me on the other hand, I weigh 285 and my upperbody is huge! The amount of weight hanging on those boots is tremendous! I was scared to let go I didn’t want to crack my head on the ground.

The biggest problem is: if you don’t have a bar handy, they are useless!

Finding a bar is not easy, the only thing in the gym I was able to hook up to was the smith machine. I put the bar as high as it would go and I put the safety latches to the top. At a full stretch my neck was bent or my head would hit the ground, not cool for a full inversion therapy stretch, but I still managed to do 10 sit-ups.

Now to my physical experience: hanging upside down is initially very weird and disorienting. You get a blood rush to your head and face. Doing the actual sit-ups other people were saying I feel it in my abs big time! To me I felt nothing! Butttttttt my quads were burning like crazy!! And you can see my muscles bulging all through my quads. Possibly due to trying to stabilize myself from swinging. When I got off, they were burning big time and I was sweating like crazy! And I only did 10 sit-ups!! It was cool!

However, there was no way I would be able(even on the first rep) to reach up and unhook myself!! So now, you have to have a partner and find a bar suitable to clip on to.

I would buy the bar Teeter-hang ups sells, but I am scared I will buy it and not be able to reach it and then it’s useless, because there is no one there to unhook me. My father is too old to be lifting my giant ass by the back! If I had the bar to test I could call a neighbor to help me demo it and if it wasn’t a problem then I would use it daily.

One idea I thought of to fix that problem is to tie a knotted rope on the bar basically just shorter then your groin and that way you can climb up the knots to be able to reach the bar to unhook yourself. That would be the easiest and cheapest route to fix that problem.


The lower bar on the Teeter hangups, might fix the problem, but idk!

Inversion tables are so much easier and safer! I would love to get my hands on a Teeter Hang Ups inversion table, because if the boots are that high of a quality, then the table must be awesome.

I’m telling you when you look at the boots, you will say oh, it’s shitty plastic, my old boots were aluminum, but let me tell you, these boots are some kind of polymer that flexes its not just plastic it won’t crack and break off, I think it’s a plastic, rubber, fiberglass, lexan like hybrid! Lets look it up!

A Thermoplastic Elastomer Engineered for Versatile Performance Hytrel® combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength and processability of thermoplastics.
DuPontTM Hytrel® TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomer is a versatile copolyester. It combines resilience, and heat and chemical resistance with strength and durability.

Parts made with Hytrel® thermoplastic elastomer resin can flex in multiple directions, cycle after cycle, long after rubber would break. A prime example is the Constant Velocity Joint (CVJ) boot, an automotive component that is subject to an average of 150,000 miles of pounding, and a wide range of temperatures.

Hytrel® is an excellent choice when innovative new designs require creation of unique parts with multiple performance characteristics, since it can be processed using many thermoplastic methods. When renewably sourced materials are a priority, DuPont™ Hytrel® RS offers the same performance as Hytrel® while containing 20% to 60% of renewably sourced material from non-food biomass.

Ps that translates to you are safe because its strong as fuck! Lol

I had no fear of it breaking or of it unhooking from the bar when I was doing sit-ups and swinging, because the hooks were deep enough and the Hytrel quality is there! I also like the thick memory foam like wrapping around your ankles, it’s nice and comfortable.

The only problem I had putting them on is, my calves are very big about 21″, so the foam doesn’t fully go around. When I made it too tight and had to close the bindings it was pinching my skin. I loosened it a little and not a problem. I was still fully secure!

I have a theory about Teeter Hang ups and how they got their name! The boots say Hang Ups on them and teeter is nowhere in sight. I believe the company started with them and named themselves Hang Ups and once they added the Inversion table to their list of products they added Teeter to the name, because you teeter on the table. Hence, Teeter Hang Ups was born. That’s just my theory. Which is actually cool, because it means they are always evolving!

If you are in the market for inversion boots, there is no comparison! These are the best I have ever seen on the market!

Lets look at competitors on Amazon

First of all, they are $25-30 cheaper which isn’t really much, but what do you get for your money?

Lets look at the buckle, how many of you have had buckles like that on various products and they pop open? I know I have had plenty! The last place I want them to pop open is in the middle of an upside down hanging sit-up at the apex of the sit-up! Fuck that! I love my spine too much! Especially at 280-285lbs! I also don’t like how its a single point of failure! one latch in the middle of the cuff! Teeter has 2 ratcheting ski/rollerblade binding like hooks.

Back to the competitor: That hook is ample length, but it looks like cheap chrome plated steel! I don’t want that snapping or slipping off the hook!

Now check this piece of shit out!

Velcro seriously?

a piece of Velcro!

Velcro facts: less than 5 inches square can support a weight of one ton.

But that is when it’s new and not wearing out from continued use. We all know it starts to pill up and looses its sticking capacity! People in the Army especially, know that after removing their name tags each washing they don’t stick anymore. Ps Army Tip of the day: wash it with the tags on 😉 if you didn’t already know that!

Nylon fasteners can open and close 10,000 times while polyester fasteners have a lifespan of 3,500 openings and closings. What’s your Velcro made out of?

I don’t want the Velcro to fail and me to fall to my doom!

Now look at that almost non existent hook! I hope you don’t plan on doing sit-ups! You will definitely fall to your doom!

We actually had a little Teeter Party (yes I just invented the term Teeter Party) at the gym today! 4 of us took turns using the boots. 3 of us were initially scared to death lol, but that subsided after feeing the quality of the boots. If you see the whole gym starting to hang upside down, you know why lol. Everyone was watching us in horror and dismay! I’m not doing that!

Hopefully, I can get them here to share their experience with you.

Like I said if you are in the market for inversion boots, nobody beats Teeter Hang Ups! No One!

**Update** October 13th 2013
The day I wrote the article I had a Teeter party! And I did one set of 10 inverted sit-ups and my thighs were burning!

Sunday we had another Teeter party and this time the party grew! There were about 6 of us taking turns! I got one set of 15 and then did a second set of 25!

Can’t wait for the next Teeter Party!

Teeter Party:
A group of friends getting together to do sets of inverted sit-ups using the Teeter Hang ups inversion boots.




**Update** January 13th 2013
I measured in at 72″ yesterday after 4-5 years of measuring 71″ and when all my life before that I measured 73 1/2″ aka 6″ 1/2″ due to heavy squats over 600lbs my spine was compressed causing me to shrink. I believe that these boots in conjunction to my foam roller have allowed me to regain an inch. Awesome! Now that I passed my pt test I will be returning to using these this week!

TIME FOR ANOTHER TEETER PARTY AT THE GYM! everyone has actually been asking me to have another party of buy the boots from me! I actually wish I had the table! They would love that!!!


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  1. I tried these out and my abs were so sore that I could not move at all.

    It’s great I can’t wait to do it again! C’mon Lou lets go!

    October 15, 2013 at 5:26 PM

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