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Supplement Review: Glycocarn GPLC by Labrada


GlycoCarn is a power-packed ingredient found in many leading nitric oxide supplements. This Sigma-tau HealthScience brand of glycine propionyl-L-carnitine hcl, (also referred to as GPLC), is a nitric oxide supplement ingredient that works with the body to deliver outstanding benefits for performance enhancement and health support.
The Nitric Oxide Booster Found in the Best Bodybuilding Supplements
GlycoCarn is a patented, nitric oxide booster shown to add a beneficial “punch” to some of the best bodybuilding supplements available. As a nitric oxide supplement enhancer, GlycoCarn has proven health benefits including:
Increases NOx
Exhibits antioxidant properties
Improves blood flow
Increases performance
Reduces muscle recovery time
Assists circulation
Promotes cardiovascular health
Increases libido
For outstanding heart support and sports nutrition, choose nitric oxide supplements that contain the powerful benefits found in GlycoCarn

I add GlycoCarn upon rising and after my 1st dinner (basically meal after the gym) post workout meal

I have been using for a while and I often forget to take the 2nd dose with dinner. I’m glad it’s not a life and death thing or I would have been dead long ago!

I have been using glycocarn for a while now and I see a difference when using it in my fat burning stack! Along with super slim 7, cinnamon Cassia, lecithin and hmb. I owe no allegiance to any of those products except the fat burner super slim 7. The others I buy whatever’s cheaper. However!! This is the cheapest glycocarn on the market!
Currently at amazon:

As it’s the cheapest I suggest you buy it!

Thanks Lee!


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