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App Review: Sleepbot – sleep tracker, motion and sound recorder

Sleepbot rocks!!

Why pay hundreds for a sleep study? When you can use Sleepbot and gather a month or 2 of intel and bring it to your doctor to analyze.

See just bad you are at sleeping!

Here is an analysis of Sunday Sept 7th 2013

Notice almost every hour on the hour I’m tossing and turning!

If you click on the sound spikes you can listen to the spike. Notice the spike at 8:45 my alarm rang and because it was Sunday and I went to bed late I went back to bed. I slept 7.1hrs and had a .9 sleep deficit

It adds your sleep deficit: so far since the 7th I have a 13h 30min sleep deficit, basically I have to go to bed earlier!

Play with this app! It rocks! Remember to track motion you have to put it on your bed somewhere


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