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Product Review: Imak Knee Strap


I got this on groupon. I have had knee straps like this made by mcdavid

The mcdavid uses one strip of Velcro that wears out pretty quickly just like a core belt. The neoprene just beads up and stops sticking to the Velcro . These straps have a dual locking system so there is less pressure on the straps and I believe that will enhance the life of the strap, even if that’s the only thing it does that is awesome!

The mcdavid straps use a hard rubber that pushes on the soft spot under your knee. Which number one, is not comfortable, and number two it doesn’t conform to the shape of your knee. The beads are a much better approach.

However; this strap uses beads that are too large. It is better than the rubber, but if the beads were much smaller or they used a gel pack it would be much better!

What about a gel pack that u can microwave and freeze, so it not only supports but also soothes at the same time!

Remember; that was my idea! So cut me in if you make it!


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