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Restaurant Review: Food Truck – the French Quarter food truck



Ok as you know from reading my blog, I was stationed in Ms and frequented a lot of Cajun places in MS & LA and I have been seriously missing it! Especially since the food network is running a new series the Shed.

I also have been looking forward to trying the French Quarter food truck since the Jersey Shore food truck wars that I couldn’t attend and since the truck passed me on the highway a week or 2 ago!

Well, lets just say it was a almost total disappointment!

I got the shrimp po’boy at $10!!

I ate the first half of the small sandwich. Notice there are only about 5 shrimp on the half… I am used to Louisiana po’boys with the Shrimp falling out all over the place and the shrimp being prawns (xlarge jumbo) aka huge!! The po’boy from the French quarter was much healthier usually it’s drenched with hot sauce and mayo! Theirs was on the dry side very little topping.

Now to the gumbo, well what they call gumbo!

A giant bowl of grease probably due to the processed Pepperidge farm looking Andouille that they used. To me it was good! But, it didn’t taste like gumbo! It was closer to a chili soup. It was good but was it worth $7 a bowl? No!

Would I go out of my way to find the truck? No! Would I go again? No, unless they lowered their prices. The value for the money isn’t there.


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