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Breaking Milestones Together! We had a record month in August!

We have reached a couple milestones last month!

1. We broke 80,000 total views on our way to breaking 100,000!!!

2. We almost had 10,000 views in one month! That was our highest amount of views in one month!

3. We had 994 views in one day! Almost 1,000! That was our highest for one day!

I want to thank everyone who stopped by and especially those who commented, whether good or bad thank you for your input.

Thank you to my loyal viewers! Keep spreading the word and introducing this site to your friends, family and co-workers!

Let’s grow our family to stellar proportions! The more input and direction you give me, the more I write!

Remember; if you have any topics you want to see covered or you would like to be a guest writer on a topic that you have experienced; email me at: and tell me what’s on your mind!

Feel free to comment on the subject of the post anytime you want! If you agree or disagree don’t be afraid to speak your mind! Comments that say: this site is great or amazing job etc are deleted as spam! I am not here for ego stroking. Please comment on the topic of the article. For example: If you tried Hemoval comment on it. How did it work for you? Did you have any side effects? Did you like the taste? How did it mix for you? Etc…

Thank you again! Lets keep on rolling!

I have a lot of things in the works for us! Including a really cool product review! I am waiting on approval!! Hope it comes through!

Stay tuned!

September had the same numbers as August keep it up! Check out your favorite articles, ask for new articles you would like to see

** Most importantly ** tell your friends and colleagues about this site! Help spread the word and you help keep this site going! (Hopefully eventually it will be


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